My 8kx arrived with scratched lenses, and I see like a film on the lenses in game?

I received my 8kx last month, and let it sit unopened until my RTX 3090 arrived. The other day I opened it all up, and noticed that my lenses are “scuffed”. Looks like someone wearing glasses tried it on (I don’t wear glasses!).

Also, in game I see like a film over my eyes as I look around, like looking through a slightly dirty visor. I checked the lenses, and it doesn’t look like there is any protective film over them. Same “film” both in X-Plane and DCS. Anyone else have issues like this? Is there possibly a protective film over the lenses that I can’t detect?



i think you have the same problem like me,there is to much mura on the pimax 8kx(looks like a dirty window)

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Yup, that’s a good way to describe it. You can see it best against light backgrounds, like a blue sky.


Yup. I have it too and raised a ticket. They asked me to wait for a software fix the devs are said to be working on. Could take months, no timeline given.

Scratched lenses are reason to raise your own ticket for sure

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yes at this pricepoint of this headset its not acceptable…I hope pimax respond here…

Hi Moe,

Sorry to hear have you filed a Ticket?

thats Pimax: paying over 1000 € and scratched lenses! Bravo! Good quality control!

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Yeah, mine came with a scratch on left lens, from bottom left to centre, but isn’t that noticable when wearing the hmd, maybe a slight blur. I don’t think I want to go through rma too much hastle

If the lenses are still mounted the same as 5k\8k you can likely ask them to send you replacement lenses and swap them out.


Hello Moe,

First of all, we are so sorry for the dissatisfied experience with the 8KX.
We suggest you to file a ticket at the helpdesk , and provide us the ticket number.

We will ask one of the technician to provide assistance on this issue.



I have the mura effect on light areas as well. Raising a ticket.


also have received my 8Kx (upgrade) and i have seen a scratch on the left lens , its going from the right side of the lens to the middle :frowning:

Its maybe slightly blurry but what me more disturb is the grain level on my lenses if iam looking at light backgrounds.

I asked a friend of mine (who have 2 8kx) if he had protection films on his lenses when he received his 8Kx and he told me he had to remove them.
Their were no protection films on my lenses.

absolutely frustrating paying so much for a device that has that serious faults and even scratched lenses on arrival.

Edit: @PimaxQuorra created a ticket #10233


I also have a small bunch of scratches on the right lens, although I don’t use glasses.


@PimaxQuorra, do you plan to sell the lenses separately?

And I would also like to see 8K or 5K + lenses on sale.

They were better in my opinion than the current lenses in 8KX. These are different iterations of lenses, if I understand correctly.
And I see differences in the narrower sweatspot of the 8KX lenses and the higher godrays.

@PimaxUsa, @Sweviver have you noticed that 8KX lenses are different from 8K or 5K + lenses?
It would be great to be able to buy lenses separately and replace them as needed :beers: :sunglasses: :+1:


I suspect pimaxusa does not own a mass-produced hmd. He could not find a single defect.


I had an issue with a tiny artefact behind the lense. Support send me replacement lenses, they are exchangeable. I haven’t done it (Was on the left lense of the 8K+) since also my 8Kx arrived and I haven’t used the +.
My 8Kx seems fine. :crossed_fingers:
Seems like Quality Control needs some pimping.

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Seems they need to look into scratch protective coating and/or protective film that cell phones can purchase. Though seems to be a common flaw in vr headsets.

@mirage335 posted a protect I believe that polishes and may add a protective coating.

I have seen a spray for cell phones though likely not compatible as phones have glass and we have plastic lenses.

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There were supposed to be protection films on the lenses? I wonder how many people had this?

Fortunately there are no scratches but there were none on mine either :roll_eyes:

Unlike the 5k+ I can see some glue residue around the inner edges of the X lenses too. Doesn’t get in the way but QA was definitely patchy when these were made.


I filed a ticket, and they offered me a $50 coupon. Lol…

How about they send me lenses with no scratches?


I second that - lenses should not be a thing to argue about if they are delivered faulty @PimaxQuorra.


There are a few different ones mentioned in that thread… :wink:

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