My 8kx with the new beta firmware


I just updated my 8kx with the new beta firware
waoouuu it’s really superb
the image is of a top clarity and really very fine and sharp
dirt rally is beautiful, acc same …

my config is not the most recent one
i7 6850k
rtx2080 ti
32go ram
but it works great, no lag or other problems.

I love


what new settings do you use with the new firmware?

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You need PiTool to unleash the new features. Imo, the most important is the Backlight Brightness (which has finally been re-enabled). I’ve set it to 80.

There’s also more precise adjustment of software IPD, which I haven’t tried.

I’m not sure if there’s anything else of note.

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I haven’t changed my settings
just the backlight 91
fov norval or large
pitool 2
color like you want
ipd +2 vertical for me
no smart S …
steam 40 .50% (4700X3900 ~)
just whaouu


How can you play without smart smoothing in ACC? i have 3090 and can’t keep steady 75fps in mid/high details.

Optic, colors, backlight are fine for me, But i have a decent stuttering Cockpit in DCS, if i move my Head. Outside of the Plane, all is ok, only inside. Grrrrrrrr
But i dont know, if this comes from pitool or the last DCS Update…

@mirage335 what say your cockpit view?

By any chance, does this allow me to set 60Hz refresh rate?

I dont hkow why
But is work fine witout smart smoothing
With vr setting low for acc
Dirt is realy smootv and clear
For me dirt r 2 is the best game ob the 8kx

Nope… but, I have now In the air stable 75FPS (Titan) 60- 65 on Ground.
Only this microstutters makes me crazy. Will check tomorrow, if this problem is also in DCS Beta.

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