My Experience with Pimax (Review)

I have been really interested in the concept of VR in both aspects of gaming and practical use for quite some time. So I hopped on the hype train for the Quest 2 about 8 months ago because I didn’t have a good enough PC for VR (i7-3770 CPU and Geforce GTX 680 GPU). I was super excited for it to arrive and when it did I was blown away. Being able to play games in a whole new way was amazing, but of course I knew that this wasn’t the peak of VR. So after about a month or two my friend sold me his graphics card (since he just upgraded to the 3080) and at that point, with a 2080 TI in my system, I was ready for PC VR.

So at first I tried using the link cable with the Quest 2, and then I purchased Virtual Desktop. It was fun playing games like Half life: Alyx, and Blade and Sorcery. Then I invested in FBT with a scuffed Quest 2 setup, which was quite the pain to set-up every time. At that point the latency of Virtual desktop and the lower resolution of the Quest was really starting to bug me. So I knew that I could just upgrade to a PC VR headset, and I started to look into the market. Of course everyone has heard of the Valve Index, and that was my original goal, but then I learned about Pimax through some YouTube videos, and it seemed like the perfect solution. Better FOV, PC VR, and the headset had a cool cyberpunk look to it, which I really liked. So I looked at the website and I found the Pimax Mystery box, and I purchased it (after realizing how much money I was saving by purchasing that lol). I wait for a few days because I ordered it on Friday, and Monday morning I get an email from Pimax support. The customer support agent’s name was Joan, and they were emailing me about how they were out of the SMAS headstrap, and they offered the KDMAS headstrap for free instead of waiting for about a month for the SMAS to be back in stock. So I accepted their amazing offer, and the headset was shipped. Once the tracking number was available they also emailed me that so then I could keep track of my order as it was being shipped halfway across the world. Unfortunately the shipping took a couple of weeks due to covid-19 and for some reason FedEx’s servers went down for at least a few days, but during the whole endeavor Joan was always super amazing about answering emails quickly and they have probably given me the best customer support out of any online company. Also they were genuinely interested about my feedback which showed that they had a passion for Pimax as a company and that they really wanted the headset to succeed. They also were able to answer my questions about the Sword controllers, which I ordered soon after to go with the headset, and they provided the same quality of service the entire time.

Once the 5K Super headset arrived I was excited, although I didn’t have the controllers so I had to settle with Elite Dangerous to start, and IT WAS AWESOME! Being able to see the galaxy with the enhanced FOV in VR really made the difference, and it just made it beautiful. Then once the controllers arrived the first game I played was Beat Saber (because they are literally called SWORD controllers). It was so fun playing with the Pimax and there was little tracking loss, something that is super important for a rhythm game. The only problem was that it was kind of a pain to setup, and I didn’t realize that it was all in the Pi-Tool app (which was definitely my fault), and that SteamVR doesn’t have the best support for the controllers since they are brand new. As for the headset, the only critique that I would have is the microphone, and that the headset can get a little uncomfortable after some time, but that is because it’s massive. Overall this was an amazing shipping experience and now that the headset is here I would recommend it to any of my PC VR friends. Thank you so much Pimax, and I will definitely be looking out for the 12K headset when it comes out!

-BunchOfStuff (Gideon Fain) , United States


I am also a happy owner of 5K super. It worth every penny! It spoils me and now I will accept nothing but the 200 degree FOV. At this moment, wearing a headset with regular FOV is unbearable for me. Only Pimax VR headsets make sense.
Now I am saving for the 12k. Hopefully they will deliver it this Q4.