My Honest Oculus Quest 2 Review - Wireless VR vs. PCVR

In this video I review the Oculus Quest 2, comparing it to the HP Reverb G2 and the Pimax 8KX.


I’ve updated the title to better reflect the video content.

I’d normally say, hopefully people choose privacy over a discount but that’s sadly not the case.


Privacy is a big part of my concern with all the new tech that is unleashed on us in these and future times.

I still bought a Quest 2, because of the price and the stand alone headset that it is.

But… I also await the competition to come out with next gen stuff equally good and I will be very happy to ditch facebook’s spy hardware quickly.

I use the Virtual Desktop streamer to stream my PC Steam games and I don’t buy any Oculus games so that’s my tactic, I won’t strap myself in too much and will leave soon again.

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