My little review of the DMAS,its finally arrived

So i did compare it to the KDMAS and the index headphones…
First off all i dont have any wining sounds its all quiet…

I do have my second 8kx its from this year(maybe i am lucky)
First i always use the boom3d app for sound shaping and its defenitly needed with the DMAS and also the KDMAS…

The highs and mids are realy good on the DMAS i must say .And because off the open ear design the sound is more open and more 3d…

Because off the good mids and highs you hear a alot off more things and details so it becomes more immersive…A good modded skyrim and halflife alex is a joy…

But there is a big but… Because it could use more low end.

you can adjust some with eq,but the drivers cant handle that…If the lowend was on par with the highs and mids then it was a very great addon…Also it could be a bit louder(but its enough for me)

With the Kdmas i have With the app boom 3d a very rich bottom end…It makes you tapp your feet with music…But the details,like highs and mids is a bit better on the DMAS.

Also the KDmas goes alot louder…
By the way i never use the splitter cable,for my 8kx it doesnt matter somehow…(no sound difference)

Vs the index speakers is the Dmas also lacking that lowend… but i think i like the highs and mids a little better on the Dmas.

I must test some more with the kdmas and the Dmas,but the open sound and very good mids give me in a vr shooter a better location where the enemy is…

So we will see if i can give up the nice rumble on the kdmas with explotions etc…
I think if they had use a 50mm driver they could have achieved that on the Dmas.

o and i did try the KDmas cups on the Dmas,but than the sound becomes way worse and eq doesnt help…

Lets hope they will improve the Dmas on the new upcoming pimax headset!


My 8kx is one of the earliest batch.

Looks like early adopters get the shaft as usual :rofl:


Ive seen a few people post now about how kdmas is louder. I have kdmas and i really like it, its on a par with G2 which is highly rated for sound.

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After trying a couple off days i must say i realy like the Dmas with the app boom3d.
I will keep them on my 8kx instead of the kdmas…

You can realy hear exact where the enemy is… also its the sounds got a very very nice detail
i can live now with the less bass extension


What’s your settings for the Boom 3D app?

Work your way up from these settigs…


Cool. I notice that using Spatial in Big Screen theater, it changes everything and it sound like you’re really in the theater…I think I am to go with “Spatial” for theater. Not sure about driving racing sim yet, I haven’t tested out which settings I should use.

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I got to say, I am very satisfied with DMAS. I don’t know what everyone is whining about. The bass is pretty good when using in conjunction with boom3d and set it to “Spatial” and R&B preset and watch some music video in the theater under BigScreen, it’s amazing. The sound feels like it’s coming from the theater and the bass is pretty booming.

But i use the headset for sim racing a majority of the time and again, it feels great. Before receiving the DMAS, I had the racing game sound coming from my motion rig. But now I have it coming out of the DMAS and it feels LOUD! The magic is that even though it feels loud to me, when you took it off and listen from outside, it doesn’t appear to be loud…so that’s pretty amazing. Whatever cancellation technology or virtual sound they used, it feels amazing.

Probably about ‘whining’ :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


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