My mom must be proud of me! I'm a leading actor in a Mexican soap opera

It was in the year 2017 that I became an actor in a Mexican soap opera. I had the idea of ​​helping young innovators in a project that I thought deserved my trust. Making the story short, and I apologize to Pimax for my impatience, in 2017 I bought and supported the pimax 8k project and bought a basestation that I have not yet received. Of course, this story is known to everyone. But let’s stop for a while and think: In November 2017 I bought something that in February 2021 I haven’t been handed yet !? What is this? How to qualify this?
Not to mention the backer box that I have not yet received and not to mention an pimax 8k x that I paid for but I got to the point where I had to ask for a refund after the surprise with the customs fees. Once a Pimax defender with the Portuguese simracing community, I’m now ashamed when they make fun of me for not having received what they promised.
In short, I’m an actor in a Mexican soap opera, and I’m not the only one …

The f*ck have i just read ?

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@Fusion Mexican Soap Opera, Season 1 Episode 1.