My New Computer Build

Okay… New Pc build. Previous build was i5 4690/gtx1080fe/8g ram no Oc.

Receive my mostly new build tomorrow.

R5 3600x cpu / x570 mobo / 16gs low latency ram / 1tb
Corsair mp600 pcie 4.0 SSD / 240g regular SSD for operating system and older 1tb hdd / 650 wt ps / gtx1080fe /
Will consider a amd 4000 series cpu and definitely hoping to get a Nvidia 3000 Series gpu.

Question: Is 16 (2x8) enough ram? What is optimal?

I am not a knowledgeable PC Builder and Jay’s two cents recent video confused me on the subject of RAM concerning AMD?

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16gigs should be good for majority of gaming situations. Some might say more depending on titles and other pc uses.


X570 mobo is probably overkill, you could save cash with a b550 or 450


Hi Zappa72,
Why not go to 16 GB in memory with your existing platform and consider buying a RTX3 series a little later … on this platform
I also wanted to change the configuration soon, but I strongly hesitate!
I have a 4770 on a Z87 with 16 GB Ram, I renewed my graphics card two years ago for a 1080 ti
I manage to do well with my 5K + in most of my games, but I find that the use of my processor under fpsVR remains within a good limit
So will the gain be more significant by changing than the Graphics Card in September with the arrival of the new RTX
All opinions are welcome!


16GB is plenty of RAM for most use cases. I like to run a lot of apps at the same time, so I have 32GB, but that’s probably overkill. If you need more, you can add it later, assuming your motherboard has 4 RAM slots (most do). That’s how I ended up with 32GB. I had 16 and NewEgg later put that exact RAM on sale, at a very tempting price, so I upgraded.

If you do high-res video editing, intend to play the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, or need to run other RAM-heavy programs, 32GB might make sense.


Yeah I could have gone with a i7 4790k and some extra ram… My gtx1080fe would have bin singing along just fine.

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Thanks for your suggestions guys!!

One evening testing pcars2/ ED/ NMS/ HLA/ so far.

HLA was a major improvement not stutters and hitting 90fs average roughly for the 120hz mode 5k+…so smooth and can even push at very high settings now. No more system memory requirement error and with Pcie 4.0 Ssd loading screens take 3 seconds not 3 minutes.

Pcars 2: I was getting almost 50fms highs without smoothing on in 72 Hz mode with “previous build” but almost 60fms at times in 120hz mode which felt much smoother. Now I get 84fps highs under same conditions without smoothing in120hz mode…so much better but still not sure if I should use smoothing in 120hz mode it feels good either way.
I don’t understand why most experienced SIM racers prefer 72 Hz without smoothing. Looks awful to me personally. Having said that perhaps I still need a stronger GPU etc.

Elite Dangerous: In stations can get around 55fps and “35fps previous build” 60 plus fps on moon surfaces very nice!120hz mode is so much smother all around now.
ED and Pcars 2 I still run on lower settings trying to optimize for performance sharpness/SS

I can actually play NMS now! Need to test more but 120hz mode no problem not an issue.

Overall new build will be great with newer games coming in the future I think and gets the job done with older heavy sims/open world games etc. Will add more ram in the short term but I am extremely stoked overall :+1:

Still have not tried the 144hz updates!! Do you guys recommend it for my specs etc or should maybe wait? I am enjoying the 120hz mode and don’t suffer any problems with drivers etc.

Suggestions always welcome!


For 8K X I am upgrading to 3080ti and Intel Rocket Lake


Good point but you can get a good enough Asus prime x570 for the same price as some b550’s. x570 will also be reportedly compatible with the upcoming new Ryzen 4000 series cpu’s without beta bios updates and a bit more performance/ build quality. Lol I am not that knowledgeable though and I am just going off a three day old jayz2cents video.

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