My order has dissapeared, SO9313

Ok, here we go again… Because i have found out, that my cable has the snowing effect, and did not get the hoped for support, and i had still the downgrade coupon, i have ordered a new cable on 7-20-2020.
After some days i requested an update, in the comments section of the SO, because it remained silent and i got no tracking number. Now, after a few weeks, i wanted to take a look in the order to see if there was any movement or response to my question… Guess what? My order has dissapeared.
I looked in and in in neither of them i can find my order. (only old, refunded ones and the KS pledge).

Then i looked up the confirmation email, that i have recieved on the 20th of july, and itś got a link to my order, so i just clicked it. Now i am finally seeing my order again, but now its telling me a order date of 12/22/2019 ???
And still no reply, anyway.
Am i getting mental, do i have hallucinations, or what the heck is going on again?

So, @PimaxQuorra, could you inform me about the status of my order?

I hope i don’t need to file a Paypal dispute for the 3d time this year.



Please send us the email address you used for the backer store and sales order.



Solved quickly. Thanks for setting things straight and providing the tracking after that. :+1:

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