My StarVR One Arrived!

My StarVR One Arrived!

Just got it. Will test later and share some feedback



Can’t wait for your (mini) review & first impressions! @mixedrealityTV will be interested too :slight_smile:


I have not opened the box yet. I think support needs to send me a link for the SDK. I hope is in the box though. they can be a bit slow responding


I would have been mean. Sent the box requiring a key to unlock to open it. :laughing:



Which headsets you owned in the past ?

There is a dent on one corner of the box… Im stickler with my product boxes. oh well.

I really hope that it works for my needs.


Almost all of them. Only own the Pimax XR and waiting for th 8kX. I use to be involved building VR headsets also


I have a friend whom is very particular on packaging. However unlike yourself she doesn’t keep the packaging. :laughing:

She had me dig out a box on the bottom at Ikea due to not liking the ones on top due to packaging having cosmetic issues. Me? With a case like that I usually see if I can get the item with a minor discount.

But with what you paid and idea of storage/presentation a good condition VR package is quite understandable for a headset


Here is the Size relation of the StarVR One vs the Index. They are very simolar is size and headset bult quality

And below is against the Pimax XR. The StarVR is definately smaller. I think it may be a slightly havier, bit not sure


Should ask for a “scratch and dent” discount. :grinning:
Bought 2 Logitech Momo racing wheels back when they were new and cost $250 for $30 each, that were damaged boxes. Still have both today. One was for a backup and only used once to test. Didn’t figure one would last 15 years.


Lucky :slight_smile:

Curious to read your feedback :stuck_out_tongue:

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What are you waiting for??? Try it!

also… sell it to me :3

You should consider making a Youtube video review. And try a bunch of different games to see which ones are compatible with the StarVR One without needing to do any tweaking.

Also let us know how the resolution, clarity and sde of the StarVR One compares to the Valve Index.


Maybe he can be a secret reseller of their headsets :wink: (Don’t tell StarVR)


Wow can’t wait to hear your thoughts. :+1::grinning:


Any impressions yet VR Tech? Im sitting on pins and needles over here!!!

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F5 Intensifies (I know it auto-refreshes…but what if the function stops working for a few minutes!)


Im have been just getting to know the set up.


so let us know your first impressions please…

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Some preliminary test. I am not much of a gamer but I have some popular titles.

Headset Quality, is very good and sturdy. Feels very premium like the Index and considerably better than the Pimax.
Head-strap feel quite similar to the Index, overall is comfortable.

There is no light bleed from the nose, so great.


Feel substantially larger than the Pimax. Like the Pimax you dont see much of borders on the top of the panoramic view. There still a slight mask feel where the cheeks are and very far on the periphery which is the same as what I tested in 2018. That said, more FOV than Pimax,


As I remember, no distortion uniform image across the FOV.

Image Quality:

Technically speaking StarVR Compass is transforming the dual camera content into four to make use of the wide FOV so is a hit or miss. Pistol Whip, looks the best I have ever seen it. Beat Saber doesn’t work well due to the requirement of Parallel Projection. Similar To Pimax. The Blu looks good but even my GPU struggled for frame rates, so super sampling was kept low

Image sharpness:

There is similarity to the Samsung Odyssey Plus in some blurring effect can be perceived. This can vary from content to content. I need to find out if a dual GPU is required for best Image output


Great, is an Amoled, so very colorful and blacks are very black.

Screen door:

Screen door is minimal, less perceivable than Index but the Index image is sharper as it should be. I will be trying to test Dual GPU and then push each each display and see what the results are.

**Have not tried Alyx yet.

Seems like a good headset, but now I have to test it with Unreal Engine 4.