My StarVR One Arrived!

While they hopefully archived them, the device (headset) is the only place where storing the calibration data makes sense. No other device can use them and keeping them separately would require to have the whole database (of calibration data) accessible to all the headsets and manage the whole logistics remotely.

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Try to change the ports , perhabs thats the issue .

What do you mean changing ports? Meaning the DVI connectors, or the usb

The DisplayPort , there are two , try them vice versa

I have done that on the first day. I have 3 ports and swapped them around


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Below I am showing an illustration representation of what the are the visuals with the StarVR One. The images below are “not” through the lens. Is a picture I took and modified it in Photoshop to sort of give you a close representation of what I am currently seeing when wearing the StarVR headset

Note, here you can not tell the “dirt layer” effect that John and I witnessed on our units. The “dirt” layer can not be perceived when being static. It is only perceivable when you move your head. Why is that? Imagine there is a layer between you and the landscape, and then think that the layer has a mild texture. When you move your head that texture is static while the background moves, this creates a parallax jarring effect, and I would say more distracting that having screendoor

John could chime in regarding if my pictures are close to what he noticed with his unit.

Here we have a standard image of Steam VR dashboard. This is what you would expect to see on just about most headsets. A relatively well focus picture.

And below is a close representation of what I see with the StarVR. There is also some mild chromatic aberration of some objects that are not in the picture. But here I am focusing on illustrating the lack of focus sharpness from the headset.

If Sebastian calibration files ( which I did not get) can solve it and provide a focus image like the first picture then it would be fantastic.


Spread out in VR, that is very blurry. I still expect the resolution to be low with any software fixes, but I wonder if that blurring was added in addition on purpose to hide the low resolution in some way.

Ah, so the non-RGB stripe panels of the older 8k. Also, a very unique case, unlikely to be repeated, and not relevant to the vast majority of discussions comparing VR headset resolutions. Also, it was always close to the 5k+ readability, and getting even closer with PiTool/firmware updates or especially with somewhat more supersampling. Let’s simplify things. It had effectively approximately 1440v ‘real’ pixels, with perhaps a 10% penalty for the non-RGB stripe (and that penalty is also within the margin for error).

You would, but this is not exactly resolution issue. You can still perceive low res and a sharp image. The problem is what is creating the diffuse picture. Low res doesn’t create blur. Optics can create a diffuse image, or bad calibration. It definitely feels that the images is not properly aligned.


Oh really. I didn’t realize that. Hopefully those subpixel layouts will go away now that pixel sizes are getting small enough to hide RGB artifacts more than lack of readability.

@VR-TECH OH! So you are getting RGB chromatic aberration? That is extremely interesting to me, as it might suggest this is much more difficult to calibrate across such a wide FOV.

It is an alignment. I have previously mentioned this. But Ben from Road to VR had the same issue. And then it was fixed when they imported some calibration file. I have a feeling those files are the ones Sebastian got but I didn’t


I have high hopes that after you get the right calibration files, everything will be quite a bit better. Hopefully they’ll respond quickly tomorrow!


I hope so as well. If not I will have to question Sebastian impressions from his latest videos


@VR-TECH I am extremely interested to know whether a single calibration file is adequate for all/most StarVR headsets, or whether they require individual calibration.

@Djonko Even including the penalty for non-RGB stripe by the Vive Pro, I still expect close to Oculus DK2 resolution, and close to Oculus CV1 readability.


What I found interesting is that Sebastian mentioned or led to believe was that more than one file installation. I asked him for such files but he never replied. So I guess I have to wait for StarVR to respond to my email.


Yeah, why doesn’t Sebastian just email the files over?

Probably following security protocols

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Guys please refrain from talking about calculating the StarVR’s resolution for now. I’m going to merge all of this discussion into a new thread so that @VR-TECH’s thread doesn’t get too cluttered.


New thread is here: Determining the resolution of the StarVR One [Nerd Talk]

Don’t the files auto download like it says here?