My trip to Little Sahara sand dunes filmed in VR

I thought I would share my VR videos with the group here. The following VR video is the most recent from our sand rail ride trip to Little Sahara sand dunes here in Oklahoma. This video is me inside my Tazcar sand rail, cockpit view. The video is shot with an Insta360 EVO 5.7K camera. It has great image stabilization which it really needs for the bumpy sand buggy ride. Anyhow watch this video in your VR headset at YoutubeVR (can download YoutubeVR at Steam) , and i have more VR videos of different views around the sand rail buggy, with jumps,a drag race, rat race through trails and riding rolling sand dunes, its really cool!. And if you like my content please subscribe to my Channel, “PlanetVR”. Im going to upload more VR videos in the future of random experiences that would be cool to view in Virtual Reality.


for those of us with narrow band connections etc
YouTube vr limited me to 1080p , much better playback with virtual desktop after downloading the full vid ,

Looks good fun

I had to go to the options to change from 1080 to 2160 in the YoutubeVR app. It used to be automatic