My Vive Pro 2 Review! - Is it worth the upgrade?

In this video I’m reviewing the Vive Pro 2 and comparing it to the Reverb G2 and Pimax 8KX. Is it worth the upgrade? I will let you know!


i like the review,i feel almost the same…

What i like most is what you said: when move your head in the 8kx vs the vive pro… It feels far more natural in the vive pro 2 indeed.

Only the performance part is for me a little different…For me it was easier to run the G2 vs the vive pro 2 (but i need some more tests)

But well done…


Funny, for all the talk about the distortions in the 8KX - when I used the Pro 2 with standard foam, and just gently moved my head a bit left and right, I had a wobbly distortion in the middle of my view, sort of barrel shaped. Using a thin foam it was okay though.

But the Pro 2 seems to be quite controversial in the sense that it works great for some while not at all that great for others, and that in relation to the same aspect, e.g. edge2edge clarity.

So at this stage neither of the three highest end (not insanely priced) headsets (G2, 8KX, Pro 2) can be recommended without caveat, it appears. The last kind of good for all headset apparently was the Index. However, due it‘s low resolution I have difficulties recommendig that one - but it‘s just that, lower resolution, and everybody would have a comparable experience in it, I guess.


Good review man, thanks.


I’m at work so can’ video…is it better then 8kx?


Nice one. I guess I may have to get one now!


Awesome review, congrats!


It’s hard to say the Vive Pro 2 is better than the 8KX. It depends on what you value.

For me, I think the Vive Pro 2 will be my daily driver but I’ll also be using the 8KX ocassionally.

I really like the FOV of the 8KX but some of its drawbacks limit the potential. If Pimax can fix the mura issue and blurring effect when turning your head, I think the clarity might be on par with the Pro 2.


I really dislike the 8KX colors, and blacks and the unit wiggle due to its size

Have you tried increasing backlight brightness to 92 and using +1 contrast and -2 brightness? It really makes the 8KX pop.


Yes, yes, and yes. The problem is, I still use the StarVR regularly and going to the 8KX is like a punch in the gut. The Vive Pro sounds compelling


There are so many ways pimax can improve the 8k-X. I’ve mentioned them many times but trying to help Pimax is like trying to teach your dog read the bible. It’s just a waste of time and Pimax just doesn’t seem to care at all and/or live in their own bubble where everything already is perfect.


Well to be fair, some of the issues might be hardware related and so Pimax is limited in how they can improve it without releasing a new headset.

Ah yeah well I meant releasing a new version. They used to release several new versions each year but now that they’ve toned down a bit on that, they might want to look into releasing a better version of the X, especially now that they’re getting more competition from for example the Vive Pro (and I’m sure more headsets will follow later this year).

The 8k-X started shipping june 2020, feels like ages ago :slight_smile: If they would release a version with better panels (colors!) AND better lenses, that alone would be enough reason for me to buy it again.


That is quite understandable with having the Oled to LCD being swapped back & forth.

The question will be how well the VP2 with having lcd screens how much they are improved with backlighting etc…

There are some really good lcd screens that compare quite well to Oled. Though Oled still inches forward.

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Well we know pimax has changed screen suppliers at various points on the 5k+.

It would definitely be in there interest to release an 8kX+ with HDR2? Screens with a lens upgrade.

If there smart they will make the front tracking panel swappable for upgradability.

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I have the 8Kx as well. I remember all the Pimax hype around it regarding it being the be all end all upgrade from the 8K/5K. In future I will focus on other VR developers such as Sony.

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Yes is a bit of a mix. Some upgrade and some downgrade. One upgrade that was supposed to be standard(usb3)…

Though Sony is maybe not great to focus on either with there closed mindedness.

Good review thank you. I’m very interested in this headset :0)


To be honest it’s on me for buying into the hype after riding the Kick Starter train. I have taken a break from VR the last few months and…it’s ok. Playing some amazing titles in 2d (bite my tongue) like Hell Let Loose, Red Dead Redemption 2, yea, even FS2020.

The ritual we go through to have a good VR experience in a game with a Pimax HMD is tiring. Nice to put it aside for a while and contemplate the future of VR which I still look forward to.