Need some advice from the token computer "nerds"

I need to be able to unplug my 4K monitor’s DP cable while my VR headset is running and functional. The problem is that as soon as I disconnect the monitors DP cable, my VR headset freezes up, if I leave the DP cable unplugged for longer than a few seconds my computer freezes and when I plug the cable back in to the PC, I have a black screen and have to reboot the PC.

Im wondering if there is a setting I can change to prevent this. Thanks for any suggestions…

I tried to google search this scenerio and could not find anything.

Does the Monitor have an Hdmi port?

Why do you need monitor unplugged?

Does your “VR headset” use HDMI or DP?

Vr headset is dp and my monitor is dp. I do have hdmi on monitor and on my gpu card

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You can try swapping the DP connection for the headset and the monitor and try again the disconnecting and reconnecting.

Swapping could help to keep the same device enumeration if the headset (the device which is not disconnected) gets the lower number.


I tried that and it did not work, PC still trys to reboot. I also tried using the GPU’s HDMI output into the monitor and had the same issue. I wonder if theres something in the video settings. I snooped around the nvidia control panel but was afraid to mess with too much, I didnt want to accidentally disable my display completely :thinking: