Need some attention: ticket #21575

Submitted about a week ago, still no response except robotic acknowledgement. Please let me know if it is a HW issue that requires replacement or if there is some magic button combination that can fix it.

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Hi @tangorn
Can you tell what is the problem with your headset?

Sure thing. The headset is 5K XR, 6 months old. Was playing Skyrim VR, everything was fine, time for dinner came. Quit the game, put down the headset, left everything else on. Went down, had dinner for about 30 min, came back, turned the game on, put on the headset, no signal in right eye. Tried restarting pitool, restarting service, restarting windows. Tried replugging display port cable and usb cable. Still the picture is only displayed in the left eye. Pitool says it is the most recent version and reports the firmware being most recent too (well, last checked two weeks ago).

Thank you.

Thanks, I will add your ticket number to the unanswered tickets thread. Hope you’ll get replied next week.

Well, it has been two weeks and I do not see any movement…

Attention! Attention! @PimaxQuorra, your help is needed here!

Hello Trevor,

Appreciate on that.

@tangorn Sorry for dragging your precious time, we will forward your ticket number to our CS team, maybe they didn’t notice it as they have tons of tickets to deal with everyday. Please kindly spare me a day. We will ask the team to take immediate action on your request.

We feel apologetic that we missed to response on your ticket.

Have a nice day.