Need some attention: ticket #21575

Submitted about a week ago, still no response except robotic acknowledgement. Please let me know if it is a HW issue that requires replacement or if there is some magic button combination that can fix it.

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Hi @tangorn
Can you tell what is the problem with your headset?

Sure thing. The headset is 5K XR, 6 months old. Was playing Skyrim VR, everything was fine, time for dinner came. Quit the game, put down the headset, left everything else on. Went down, had dinner for about 30 min, came back, turned the game on, put on the headset, no signal in right eye. Tried restarting pitool, restarting service, restarting windows. Tried replugging display port cable and usb cable. Still the picture is only displayed in the left eye. Pitool says it is the most recent version and reports the firmware being most recent too (well, last checked two weeks ago).

Thank you.

Thanks, I will add your ticket number to the unanswered tickets thread. Hope you’ll get replied next week.

Well, it has been two weeks and I do not see any movement…

Attention! Attention! @PimaxQuorra, your help is needed here!

Hello Trevor,

Appreciate on that.

@tangorn Sorry for dragging your precious time, we will forward your ticket number to our CS team, maybe they didn’t notice it as they have tons of tickets to deal with everyday. Please kindly spare me a day. We will ask the team to take immediate action on your request.

We feel apologetic that we missed to response on your ticket.

Have a nice day.


@PimaxQuorra, i am not sure what is going on, probably new year celebration, but it has been another 2 weeks…

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I think most of the Pimax staff are on holiday until 1st of February.
Hang in there for a few more days @tangorn

Have you tried reseating the cable on the headset side? It does come out, you just need to put a bit of pressure on the rubberized sleeve next to it to pull it out.

Thanks for the tip, just tried this, pulled the cable out completely and reseated it, same as before, left screen works, right is black.

Are you running multi monitors? If so, perhaps try disconnecting the others. Also try installing new video card drivers. Have you tried the PiTool Alpha that was just released? If not, try that out. If you’re using it, roll back to the prior PiTool.

PiTool Download Links

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Are you running an NVidia 10x0 series card? If so, this firmware might help. Try to install and it’ll tell you if it’s needed.

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I am running dual 2080Ti and two monitors, yes, and I did the driver update the first day the problem showed up. I think i tried switching around all monitors the first day, but I will try it again tonight. The thing is, the setup worked for 6 months, and then right screen wend down without any changes in the setup, just while i stepped away from the rig for 30 min. At the time piToool reported the latest version for both itself and the firmware. I did not try new piTool, but I will.

Try those things out first. If it still doesn’t work, since you’re running dual cards I’d suggest removing one card at least to check.

That, unfortunately, is out of the question. If I mess up my cards, my work will take penalty. I do AI for living and it takes precedence over entertainment.

But you gave me an idea to try it on a different rig just to see which side of the cable the problem is on.

Ok, so i took the headset to a different box, single 2080, single monitor, latest nVidia drivers, piTool reports latest version and latest firmware, tried two different display ports on the card, headset is recognized and even tracked fine, except the right screen does not show anything. I would say that very much points to either cable or headset HW issue. I am willing to spend 70 bucks for the cable just to make sure it is headset itself. My suspicion from the start is that it is some loose wire inside the headset, but opening it up while I am still on warranty does not sound like a good idea.

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Hello Tangorn,

We will contact with Wythe with your problem, hopefully he can assist you to fix it.

Have a nice day.


Awesome. Keep trying, i still have 5 months on warranty

Can somebody explain to me what does this mean?

Firstly, we do appreciate on the ticket submitted to our Customer Service Team. To make sure the efficiency on ticket responding, we are going to take action on those unresponded tickets. If there’s any ticket remain unrespond by users over a month, we will set it as monitoring status. After 2 weeks time, our system will automically terminate the ticket if it’s detected no replies by users.
In 2 weeks time, if the tickets are responding normally, we will continue to assist you to resolve the probelm.

If you got further questions, don’t hesitate to resubmit a new ticket at our support, we will take immediate action on it.

Thank you for the cooperations.

I would also love to know where and how I can “responding normally” given that neither original confirmation nor this mail had any links to the ticket database

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