Need support~~~~

I created a ticket ( #21,136) regarding a replacement cable on 7th December and I did not get any reply at all!!! How unprofessional can a support team be? That is not acceptable! I am really pissed…

The team has had a large volume of tickets due to upgrade changes & price adjustments.

Maybe @Konger or @Matthew.Xu might be able to look into you ticket.

@Elena Could you look into this ticket and contact him to solve this issue please?

Hi neophyte, Sorry for letting you wait so long, we will solve it asap!

Thanks Heliosurge for reminding us!


Sorry for the inconvenience. The team will help you in processing your ticket today. Thank you.

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22 days gone and still no solution!!! Is there anyone in your team (@Konger, @Matthew.Xu, @elena) who is responsible for cable replacements? @wythe.huang seems not to be the right contact and he is assigned to the ticket. I need a fu**ing cable replacement (new cable between the HMD and PC), how complex can that be?

You can send message to @Asales

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@Vivi, @Elena, please look into this ticket #21,136 asap, thanks!


@Vivi Thank you, for the solution.


Is your problem solved?

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I have to wait for the arrival of the package with the new cable, but from an organizational perspective it seems to be solved.