Need to swap controllers left/right

Need to swap controllers left/right

Hi, one of my controllers has a couple of sensors broken, for this reason, if use it on the left hand it has tracking issues, while if i use it on the right hand, as it’s more visible by the base stations, i have no issues.

i need to swap controllers assignment in Pitool so the one that is now on the left will go on the right and right to left.

I’ve tried everything, but even doing a re-pairing it always go where it was, it looks there is no way to swap them. does anyone knows where tose informations are stored, if there’s an ID or something i can swap manually in order to assign it to the opposite hand ?

i’ve tried trashing also controller jsons on programdata but it looks it doesn’t care at all, any clue please ??

i’ve ordered knuckles already but there’s to wait 2 months i need a temporary solution