New 8KX owner and... wow

Managed to snag a Pimax 8KX from Microcenter in the USA. I was back-and-forth on it for a while. But finally got it.

I am very glad I got it. I have loved my OG 5K+ since launch, but the level of clarity on the 8KX is amazing.

i7 10700K + EVGA 3090 FTW3 Ultra = balanced setup.

Been playing Elite Dangerous today. Black levels are better than my 202 5K+ for sure. Played a bit with contrast/backlight and got it to a great balance. I was inside a space station and the clarity was amazing, especially as my ship came out of the hangar.

Half Life Alyx: holy moly. I started a new game and spent about 15 mins looking over the first balcony. I also scared the cat.

Lone Echo: also holy moly. The detail is breathtaking when in space. Black levels are also better than I expected

QUESTION 1: I read that the new 90Hz firmware doesn’t work with the latest NV drivers? Any advice? I have not flashed to the new firmware yet.

QUESTION 2: Has anyone figured out how to extend the standard cable yet? I tried a DP powered extender and couldn’t get it to detect the Headset.


I’m glad you like it. I really like mine, but not everyone can use a Pimax headset, due to IPD and fitment issues. Of course, since you have a 5K+, you already have passed that hurdle.

Q1: The very latest nVidia drivers do work with 90 Hz.
Q2: Yes, some cables do work. You’ll need to search the forum to find ones which people have used successfully.


No problems so far, i rum 471.11 or so

Here, the lindy repeater is the right way
(Fixed) 3090 - 8KX panels off in 90 Hz mode investigation + working DP extension cable options (3/4/5m) - Pimax Hardware / P2: 8kX - OpenMR | Community


Thank you both!

I think my large head and medium IPD helps with fitment

I’ll take a look at the Lindy now


Pimax optic cable is 6m long, it feels much longer then standard 4.5m cable. It thinner and lighter, only 1 DP and 1 USB3 port.


Nice. Will take a look. TY for the reply

I have the Pimax fiber optic cable and it works well, but I have not yet tried it at 90Hz (only 75 and 114). (It’s not currently connected, since I wanted to test 90Hz on the standard configuration first and I haven’t gotten around to switching back to the fiber optic cable.)

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Wow, that’s actually cool!


The normal cable is just a bit too short for room gaming in my setup. I just ordered the 6.0m optical cable. Hopefully it’s enough. I cannot seem to buy the Lindy in the USA :frowning:


I just started playing ED with my 8kx too lol. Out of curiosity what color settings did you decide on? Also if you don’t mind sharing your ED settings it’d be much appreciated :slight_smile: I play on Normal FOV with PP on and the performance hit with PP is killer. Hoping it won’t be needed one day!

I have an i7-8700K, 32GB ram, and a 2080 (all heavily overclocked). I’ve found that using Small FOV works best for me in ED Horizons. I’ve got PiTool Quality at 1.0 and SteamVR at 100%. Here are my current ED settings:


PP does indeed mean a hit. I don’t think FDev have any plans to remove the need for it unfortunately. I’d rather they focus on Odyssey VR anyway :slight_smile:

Specs: 10700K at 5.1GHz with EVGA FTW3 Ultra 3090 running on water at 2050MHz

I have Normal FOV in PiTool with Contrast +2, Brightness -3, Backlight 40%. SteamVR also at 100%. Not tweaked colours yet. Any recommendations?

In game

I get a solid 75fps in stations at close to 95% GPU usage, but then I get 75fps in space with much less (standard I think). I am flashing the 90Hz firmware soon


I played a little ED Horizons tonight (first time in months). I found I needed to set my PiTool quality to 0.75 to reach 90 FPS, but it still looked pretty good. As for PiTool color settings, I have Contrast to 1,1 and Brightness to -1,-1. Backlight is at 90, which helps the stars and highlights feel more real. I used to have a much lower backlight, which helped space look black, but it made everything look dull.


I’ll try your settings. TBH I have always felt ED needed to be dark and dismal haha

Also have to agree with the reduction of certain settings to his 90FPS when using 90Hz. I am still playing about with settings


It was good to play ED again. I find I need to take a break from it every so often. It helps it feel fresh again. I did fool around with Odyssey a few times, but so far, it hasn’t really been enjoyable (on foot).

What I like about Horizons is flying my ship. It’s relaxing. I put on my 8KX, start one of my flying playlists, and veg out to the rhythms of deep space exploration: Jump, scan, repeat. I’ve flown more than a million lightyears that way. That includes 3 visits to Beagle Point on the far side of the galaxy…


That is an impressive journey-line Neal :innocent: I have not done that at all but I have been to Colonia and SagA. I prefer trading and combat. But with the 8KX, I may venture again to SagA. I also use the tool that allows you to watch YT videos inside VR. Maybe it’s time to become a space taxi :slight_smile:

QUESTION: Where is the best place to buy the Optical Cable? I snagged one on Amazon from Pimax themselves but there hasn’t been an order update and it’s not gone “not available” :frowning:

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Wow. That must have taken a long time. Years, looks like, and with some risk where the stars are scarce.

@TonytotheB OVRDrop and VoiceAttack automation work for that too.

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Yeah OVRDrop is the latest version of the tool I use. It used to be free :slight_smile:

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Blame SteamVR. They could not have made the basic functionality of displaying a 3D overlay object - even just a flat panel - more difficult absurdly complicated. The developers of such programs as OVRDrop seem to have many stories about what it took to make the program, and what it took to keep it working, from one week to the next.


Understood. I really enjoyed it when it was “OpenVRDesktopDisplayPortal”, so I didn’t mind paying $11.99 as a one off to support the developer