New Comfort Mods For Pimax Head Strap. Available To Buy Now

Also what is everyone’s thoughts on the Apache strap? Mediocre/good/great? In terms of comfort I mean


Hi Davobkk

I just receive the Apache today. There doesn’t seems to have any adaptor to attach DAS to Pimax? How do I attach the two side of DAS to Pimax headset?

Hi Douglas. Sorry I only sell the straps not the 3D printed adaptors. Just sent you a PM. Thanks

Hey @Davobkk these look great, nice work :slight_smile: I will almost certainly get one for my 5k+ before it arrives!

Couple of questions on your Odyssey / WMR strap - I have a Lenovo which doesn’t have headphones - can it still be attached without some special connectors? Also forehead pressure is the main issue (probably worse on the Odyssey because it is heavier) - can you use your strap to rebalance the headset slightly and take some of the pressure off?

Thanks in advance!

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I can confirm, it definitlely does!
Simple to attach, and once you figured the best lenght it is also much quicker to dial in your personal sweet spot which is nice in addition to a better and more comfortable weight distribution
It helped wonders on my OD+ but I imagine that it is doing a great job on any headset
You should be able to attach it to any strap, there is no need of having headphones in order to be put on.


Hi Octofox

The Odyssey strap is the correct length for all WMR halo style straps. The twin tabs are designed to wrap around the odyssey headphone mount but it works the same for the Lenovo. It’s designed to make the HMD sit comfortably on top of your instead of your forhead. See noros reply above. Cheers


Great thanks for the confirmation!

Good news, I’ll certainly consider both then, thanks :slight_smile:

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Order placed, cheers @Davobkk!

Thanks. Can you PM me you name. Cheers!

Done 2020202020202020

Received my Apache comfort strap today in France.
Thank you @Davobkk for your fast service and shipment!
Only wish my Pimax 5k+ would ship this quick.


Awesome. Happy to hear you got it! Enjoy your VR sessions!

Just ordered Odyssey and Das straps :).

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Yoo I bought the Apache strap last week, any tracking info yet? Going to Dubai. Hope I get it by Thursday :pray:t2::pray:t2:

Hi. I’m processing your one today. Eek I don’t think it will get there by Thursday but I’m doing my best


Any update on my order on the Odyssey and Das strap?

Give it a few more days and you will get a email notification of postage.

The guys so so busy and just set this up and I bet he can’t believe how busy he is

Rumour on the street is he has that much Velcro in his house, he got stuck to his kitchen door for 2 straight days!


Your two straps are booked for pickup and you will get a tracking notification as soon as it gets scanned through the depot :slight_smile: Usually they don’t mess around and it should be on a plane within 24 hrs. Cheers!

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