New customer order, not a backer, account closed

I am a new customer not a backer
Ordered a pimax 5k plus on 30th september.
Checked today on shipping or order update as now 10 days old.
When i click on original email button that
Says VIEW YOUR ORDER it redirects me to pimax main store and just says CHECKOUT SYSTEM DISABLED: CHECKOUT IS DISABLED.
When i try to log in to my acccount that was setup when i originally purchasing the pimax 5k it says no account exists with this email address.
I paid by paypal and the payment was sent and paid in full.
Ive sent emails 3 days ago to Pimax and Pimax America but no replies.
I set up a new account in the same email address used for original purchase and the Pimax site excepted that email??? Normaly a site would reject an email if it originally existed.
Im geting worried but glad i paid paypal so i can get my money back in full in the worse happens.
This is not a good experience so far as a new customer.

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@Matthew.Xu might be able to help You.

I have the same problem.

Its funny that checkout is closed but as an experiment I went through system to buy another pimax 5k plus headset and checkout was happy to take more money and proceed to checkout???
If they expect problems with checkout on system update why not put an announcement on the forums or main page, Announcements dont just have to be of advancements or the release of new products.
Announcements can be assurances to customers who are in pre-sale/aftersale/pre- shipping/post shipping of system updates rather than putting doubts in customers minds.
I run my own business and its the most important thing to have this area of a business model in place.
With all due respect to Pimax problems like this is what you see when a company is going into bankruptcy.
Companies i do busines with all over the world always post on the main page any expected system downtime to assure customers.
It should’nt be the case where customers have to search for such issue’s
Supply me with a free 8kx headset and a return flight to the UK and i will glady come to China and setup a business model for you for pre/after sale/pre-shipping/post shipping🙂 All respect intended.

Hello pal.

Sorry for causing you so much inconvenience. May I know any update towards your matters? If it’s still under unsolved,please kindly let me know. I’ll figure our the solution for ya.


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