New customs laws in Germany for deliveries outside the EU

I look forward to the future with our open deliveries with great concern.

Many of us have ordered a Pimax 8KX and are still waiting for the Dmas.

When I ordered my Pimax 8KX, I also paid for the DMAS in full.

So the full customs costs have already been calculated together with the DMAS.

But I have not received a DMAS.

NOW, Pimax would have to deliver the DMAS free of charge.
Free of charge without customs fees.

because I have already paid the full amount of the customs duties.

The reason for this was that Pimax declared the full price at customs. The full price of 8KX with DMAS.

Now, however, there is no longer an allowance of 22 euros for Germany.
There are ALWAYS duties and fees.

If I have to pay customs duties for the DMAS AGAIN, I will be very angry!

Because we can’t have to pay double duty because Pimax isn’t able to do it right.

Question to all Pimax employees:

How do you deal with it?


Hello Timo,

This is a good question. The logistic team is deciding on the shipment methods.

  1. We gonna arrange a batch of DMAS to oversea warehouse and deliver to our user.
  2. Directly ship to assigned address, for sure if any taxes are generated, we will be responsible for it.

These are the basic solutions for the DMAS shipment, but will try to find out the best one.

Indeed, the new policy for EU region that no longer allowance for items below 22 Euros. This is the main issue we need to figure out.



@PimaxQuorra, I see 2 options here:

  1. create proper papers that credibly state after shipment or warranty replacement with no costs borne by customer. It helps, if you create a new SKU called e.g. “DMAS preorder update” and price is at 15,- USD. Place it visible in the store but don’t accept orders and issue the pro forma with this product ,no shipping charges. This way customs can look the product up and will accept the low value.

  2. Use the new fulfilment service by Amazon who apparently maintain stick through local warehouses as my optical cable arrived in 2 days from order. This might involve some negotiations but it seems there is enough time left and in the end will even save Pimax more on consolidated international shipping than the handling fee by Amazon. The problem herein might be that a bulk shipment will of course create import taxes to be borne by Pimax, while option 1 never l leaves Pimax with a lot of individual international shipments add paperwork.

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