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What does this new design mean? openmrlogo1

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Mixed Reality I believe is what they said


Yes the MR stands for Mix Reality.


Yet another Headset on its way with cameras? I feel the term mixed reality goes with augmented reality more then VR. Unless your Microsoft, lol. Pimax MR logo does look like it has a little “v” before the “R”.

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Well that could be the idea with MR as with logo design does encompass VR as well.

As for a new headset? Don’t know. But not really necessary to make a new headset when a camera module will do. The Hand Tracking Module for example is a Camera module type.

If you look at the OpenMR post it does explain that MR is itself a likely progression of VR/AR/MR.

Consider say the idea of things like a Wardrobe Smart mirror or something really old like Heads up display.

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But XR instead MR is the progression of VR/AR/MR

XR is the next Open standard for all. OpenXR is already taken as a named standard.

Same as Opensource VR couldn’t use OpenVR(open license closed source). OSVR lost steam and now the Opensource has 2 out there OpenHMD & True OpenVR.

OpenXR will at least create an Open programming standard to reduce api fragmentation.

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But what OpenMR means?
Open source drivers? As I can see, no one cares about it for a couple of months.
Mixed reality? But MR has an ecosystems of AR and VR. Pimax does not.

Hand tracking module is a Mixed Reality controller.

Kevin said more detailsbon the opensource is coming during CES. It’s not that No one cares it simply resource allocation.

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Anyway, MR is the Microsoft ecosystem for mostly cheap two-cameras inside-out tracking headsets + expensive and almost useless for the masses glasses. :slight_smile:
IMO Pimax gear is much closer to high-end VR instead of MR.

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Well Microsoft received a lot of flack from the community for adopting MR as part of their branding. Which really as long as MS doesn’t pull any shenanigans like What happen with Spawn(Todd MacFarlane) whom went after Palladium RPG for calling a Game Nightspawn(They renamed it to NightBane to avoid the hassle - I have the og release).

Any company out there should be able to release in theory a MR headset as MS flavor is WMR. Which agreed with their Gen1 series so far is not targeted at high end users; even with the HP Reverb as the controllers still need a refresh imho.

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