New HP reverb G2 incoming

Next Gen HP VR Headset

Coming soon

Developed in collaboration with Valve and Microsoft, the next gen HP VR headset

delivers a more immersive, comfortable and compatible experience than the

previous generation. It’s the new standard in VR.


Hope the fov is bigger or no buy.


Looking at the teaser video I cant see how the FOV will be any bigger unless they have some crazy lens curving going on.

At this point anything less then Pimax on at least Normal is a no go for me.


There are actually 4 great things that may prove it to be a great headset, based on facts and rumors if they prove to be valid.

  1. Slightly bigger FOV than all standard HMDs as eg. Reverb was already wider than OD+
    (got that out of VRGamerdude‘s Video)

  2. Valve Compability (speculation at MRTV, makes sense, what else may Valve be good for? Game are already, sort of, compatible. Other Accesories like headstrap are most likely not compatible, a wmr-mized index headstrap is imho unlikely as well. Valve already, slowly though, open up their BS tech for eg. Pimax, Cosmos)

  3. As Samsung reported that they will discontinue manufacturing LCD and focus on quantum dots, probably OLED (LTT) I think they may be ready to deliver new display tech.
    HP may even partner up with Samsung or at least going forward with something new.

  4. Resolution Bump

Throw in an IPD dial and it’s gonna be awesome.


I’m doubting that the reverb G2 will use the base stations. I’m thinking the MS collaboration is for (hopefully) gen 2 of the WMR inside out tracking with more than the 2 cameras they have now, and the Valve collaboration is for the near field speaker tech and maybe the controller design with capsense.

I agree. I’m pretty sure it will include the new Kinect Azure for full body tracking. Maybe as an addon. Apparently it is really good. I also talked with someone working in the Microsoft team for the Mixed reality headsets and he really liked the Kinect Azure developement kit. Does of course not have to mean anything but that to me is a pretty strong indicator where Microsoft is going with VR. We’ll see if it is as good as lighthouse tracking. I for one hope mostly for less weight. Heavy headsets give me headaches.

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