New lens adapter for 8KX and similar models

Hi everyone. I’m new here, and I thank you all for your informative discussions, they helped me a lot to make my Pimax 8kx a pain-free experience.

To give back, I wanted to share a printable lens adapter that I’ve remixed based on a couple of other models I’ve seen here and on thingiverse.

I wasn’t really happy with the adapter that sits under the face gasket, especially on the 8kx it was very fiddly to install, and not really strong enough to actually hold the lenses in place, and personally I did not have enough clearance to use it at all. I felt like most of the other attempts I’ve seen sacrifice way too much field of view, while maybe being more stable. Also I had already ordered lenses for the former, so I didn’t really want to buy a new pair.

So what I’ve come up with uses an ‘insert’ style adapter that I found on thingiverse, combined with the frame of the gasket-attached adapter from this forum.

Let me know what you think, and feel free to submit pull requests for improvements, adjustments, or other lens designs, or just remix it entirely on your own. Happy travels!


I just printed your design and gave it a try.
Works like a charm.
Great job :+1:

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