New Offset to fix in Piserver.exe for LukeRoss mods as well as other apps (such as Open XR Toolkit)

They are all “beta” no?

Far as Im concerned all pitool versions are beta. .263 seems to provide huge fps boosts for some, each person finds differing results…the addition of this quiet revision of pimax 8kx version 2 adds to the confusion.

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i aint gonna upgrade for a while from .277.

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Hi @hammerhead_gal, is this something you can communicate to the developers? This is quite noticeable and I’m starting to get users reporting bugs to me, while this is clearly a bug in the Pimax software. This should be 1-line change for the Pimax developers to do.

The issue is that when submitting quad layers to the Pimax compositor, the edges of the layer will appear black no matter what color they are set to be on the quad layer.

As explained here by Luke Ross, it’s only a matter of changing one value in a texture sampler:

Please this needs to get done. This looks like a trivial change. Is there another official place (a bug tracker) where I can report this to get the developers attention?



@hammerhead_gal, Sorry to bump. Was this communicated to the devs for Pitool?
I submitted a Pimax support ticket to see if that helps improve PiTool.
Thanks for all your support of the Pimax community!


More generally: you can search any Pitool version for the following Hex without quotes “44 24 44 04 00 00 00 C7 44 24 3C 04” changing the last 04 to 03.


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Offset C9BAB for .270 for example :slight_smile:

you fixed it for .279?

For Pitool .279 same as .277

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Same for .280

yeap, The pitool team have checked it and we hope to fix it in the next vertion!
We really appreciate you guy’s works!


Thank you, that sounds really great!

Same for the new Client as it is in testing. :slight_smile:

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The new client integrated pitool 280. We 'll fix it in the next pitool vertion(281)

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Nice! Thank you so much!