New PiTool Released!

New PiTool Released!

In case you haven’t noticed, a new PiTool version is now released which eliminates the occasional stutter/judder, improves stability and adds a few features in the interface. Release notes and download link here:

This version can of course be used with all Pimax headsets:
Pimax Vision 8KX
Pimax Vision 8K+
Pimax Vision 5K Super
Pimax Artisan
Pimax 5K Plus
Pimax 5K XR
Pimax 8K

I dont see any dedicated thread about the new PiTool version, so let’s discuss the new PiTool .255 here.

And let us know if you experience a difference in stability, performance and if the occasional stutters are completely gone now. We will keep improving the performance and any remaining issues of course, so please bare with us :slight_smile:



Added link to this topic in Release Notes. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


It’s kinda funny, but also really sad how it’s described as “occasional” stutters. As if it were a small problem. I’m gonna test it now.

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It really does vary for different ppl. From some who have none and some who have more frequency.


The previous stutters were very random and sometimes even non-existent for several minutes. Dont know how to really call it. Maybe “occasional” isnt the correct word… :slight_smile:


Tension and frustration about this topic is high. At least it was for me.Since it made a expensive product unusable.

Sporadic is probably better

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Looking forward to testing it out this evening!

The memory leak crashing in the alpha version made it unusable in some games so I’m hoping that is truly fixed. There was still some stutter in the alpha version, so fingers crossed that it was completely eliminated.

I would rather lose 1-2 fps if it means absolutely no stutter.

We just have to hope that one day Elite Dangerous upgrades their VR implementation to support canted displays so we won’t need parallel projection.

So glad this has now been dealt with and thank you for your efforts in fixing it.

I will try it out today at some point.

After testing it for a few minutes I would say there’s substantially less stutter. But it’s not a gone issue. I still get it “occasionally” now. Where before it was cropping up every few seconds, I notice it now only once or twice in a minute. The freeze frame of the individual stutter is also on screen for less amount of time.


I would describe it as “persistent”. Of course different users have different experiences. For me and a few I’ve talked to its an extremely apparent issue, making the headset unusable.

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“Intermittent” ?

Great news thanks for this :+1:


I concur. I personally would have it much rather run stable instead of this mess. Personally I would give up substantially more fps than 1-2. For me it just means the difference between a headset I can use and one I cannot.


It will always be easier to fix from a much more stable version.
Still, I hope they’'ll polish it up more and manage to increase performance, which seems to have been lost by 5-10 fps from the 254 with the same settings.


Fellow sys-admin here… Was just about to write that… :wink:

Intermittent is what we use when doing incident reports… :+1:


Hehe precisely :wink:


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After trying out PiTool v255 with a few games for an hour, it feels like there is more constant micro-stuttering compared to PiTool v245 which would only stutter occasionally, and it also felt like the vertical FOV on Large setting is reduced as others were reporting in PiTool v253/254.

I will have to go back to PiTool v245 again to compare results.

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Occasional disconnection after long time running repaired

Ah yes.


Yes i can confirm that as well! On 254_Alpha i had 10-15 FPS more with same settings!
I´ve testet my favorite 4 Games and all had FPS loss unfortunatly.
10-15 FPS is much for VR, please try to improve Performance Pimax.
I think about roll back to 254_Alpha since it was running very well on my system.
But to all others, i hope your stutter/judder is solved now!


Wow, I can’t believe you guys did it. The performance I cannot comment on because the stuttering was so bad I was using quest link in the meantime which obviously runs much smoother than a 5k.

Launched steamvr home, stormland, and beatsaber and it was butter the entire time. Well, i actually lagged a lot in stormland but there was 0 stuttering. I was about to sell this headset, thank you so much for continuing to looking into the issue :smiley:

edit: should mention I had stutter with all pitool versions until this one. .254 was hardly better than anything past .144. Gladly sticking to this