New StarVR One H7102 to sell!


I have a new StarVR One, last version H7102 to sell if someone is interested.
The headset was open 2 days ago and it’s like brand new.
Protect film on the product was not removed and i have the official spare of face foam and head foam to go with.

I bought the headset to test a project with the wide FOV but unfortunately my 59 IPD was just a little too low to see completely clear.
So it’s almost brand new and i am selling it for a really good price !

If anyone is interested contact me please, the shipment is on me !


Hi, how much for Star VR?!?

Also am interested in the price? Assuming that the controllers and base stations are not for sale?

How many games have been supported btw ?

Alyx with mod
Boneworks with mod
Project cars



Please let me know what price range works for you!

The price is not defined, the original price is 3,331$ and by a developper promotion i was able to buy it about 3,000$.
For the controllers and base stations, no those are not included.
I sell it with a spare of official face and head foam.

I didn’t test so much with games and i didn’t try to fix culling.
I think you should see in the forum the discussion with NextGenVR, who made an excellent review of the StarVR One.
But let me know if you want me to test something in particular for you.

Here is pictures of the product.

Part 1

Part 2

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As I have said several times before, your ipd has to be close to 64. Any potential buyer should keep this in mind


Well thats what I call a quality hmd with quality optics !

Pimax should get in touch with the star breeze team and make rgb oled 4k vr lenses/displays !


Yes thank you for the information. In my case i thought i was 61 IPD but the HMD tells me 59-60 IPD and it feel really close to be good for me but unfortunately the central vision remain to be a problem.
I think the HMD take the middle number of the far and near pupillary distance for reference.
For sure a 63-66 IPD should have the best results in clarity and FOV.

The quality of the HMD is really impressive and it looks really good, and it’s incredibly light.
That’s for sure what an HMD FOV should look like.

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Yes, that is a major limiting factor for the unit

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Pimax cant hold a candle to the level of build quality of the StarVR One. Pimax quality still toy like in comparison


Amen to that. The StarVR is really a high quality device, pimax doesn’t come close. Too bad it’s missing an ipd mechanism and better resolution. I don’t understand Acer, they sit on a pot of gold but don’t do anything with it…


There is no ipd adjustment at all ? :face_with_monocle:

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There is, the adjustment is software, the lenses just don’t move.
You can choose between auto and manuel to enter your value.
The IPD range is pretty large but for the best sweet spot the IPD value should be around 63-66.


Well I can only talk for myself but at my 69.5 the StarVR really caused huge eyestrain. I couldn’t use it for more than 30 minutes and each session after I still had eyestrain from the session before. After a few days I literally couldn’t use if for more than a few minutes. So if I at 69.5 have such extreme eyestrain, I wouldn’t suggest this to someone with 67 and I expect that even with 66 you’d still experience some slight eyestrain

The FoV is mind blowing though, it’s the only headset that really made me feel I was in the virtual world since I saw no boundaries. But the resolution was also a bummer, together with the lack of support for various games. I wouldn’t recommend this headset to any gamer. Maybe if you’re a developer for a wideFOV project and have the right IPD, this could be worth it though

It amazes me though. On so many fronts they have hit it spot on with this headset. But then that lack of IPD support and low resolution really blows it. It just makes no sense


At the very first time i had this problem but since, it’s pretty ok for me.

I tested today Hellsplit for someone and the more i use the headset the more i am impressed by the FOV, I can tell you that i am really close to the sweet spot with my 59-60 IPD.
If i loose a little bit the headset i can see almost perfectly clear, no doubt that the sweet spot is really big.

Depends of the resolution set there is no stuttering, no reprojection, no dropped frame at all.
In my case, at 50% 3708x2788 per eye (StarVR One is 1,830 × 1,464 per eye) i got 3ms in Hellsplit and was perfect.

With my 100% that is 5240x3944 per eye i got 8ms but depends on scene have stuttering , but that was not so much noticeable.

With my 20% that is 2556x1924 per eye (more then the headset), i got 1-2 ms and absolutely no problem on every case.

For Steam Home there is culling, for The lab there is a very little on the right eye end but that is absolutely imperceptible if you look front of you.
For Pavlov and Superhot, absolutely no culling and smooth like others, the 90hz seems to me really good with this headset.

I do not want to use the headset so much because i want to sell it like brand new, but with good settings it seems pretty compatible with many games !
For sure it will be extremely hard to come back to “normal” FOV after that.

Like you said, i think the only really negative point is the resolution, the image is crystal clear, its ultra light, the resolution is fine for near object and it surely not a big problem with action game like hellsplit but this resolution make far view to be more blurred in comparison with high resolution headsets.

That said, sincerely the more i use the headset the more i think its not so far from the index in near vision, maybe because the FOV really looks good like it should be.

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The colors should be awesome aswell.

@ Djonko: did you have eye strain with Pimax products ?
Am using the Pimax xr OLED right now ( besides my index and hp G2 ) . I never had eye strain with those hmds for example… I wonder if I would have with the star vr one :thinking:

The proper IPD for the StarVR is around 63-66

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yeah, but that’s for a whole different reason. Panels are placed very inconsistently on the Pimax headsets. But that can be fixed with tweaking the software offsets. I’ve solved it that way and experience no more eye strain.

Apart from that I don’t have any eye strain on any of my other headsets (I own most of them).

If your IPD is outside 63-66 I would not bother. Well even if you’re in that range, I would not bother, honestly (unless you’re a developer maybe). The resolution is just too low. The starVR is an interesting insight in how wide FoV looks but I would not recommend it at all for gaming. Acer needs to make a StarVR 2. Really!

I think everybody here on this forum who owned a StarVR and bought it for gaming, has sold it.

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