New Vive controller user needing some advice on Gunheart game

I downloaded Gunheart from Steam the other day and its really the first time I used the Vive controllers for anything other than Space Pirate Trainer.

My issue is that moving around in the Gunheart game is very cumbersome with the Vive controllers. So to move around, first you have to move your finger meticulously around the outside edge of the Vive circle touch pad to get orientated for the direction of movement which is the hard part, then to stride or teleport you use the right controller which is not so bad. I figured moving my head in the direction I wanted to go would help but no avail.

I tried it that way for 2 hours thinking I would get the hang of it like I usually do with a new game or new controller but after 2 long hours of getting my a$$ shot off by aliens I still could’nt get the hang of it. I mean is this how its done or do I have to set up something different in the game controller options?

I AM used to the Playstation PSVR Move controllers with the joystick but these Vive wands really seem to be a pain in the a$$ for movement, at least in Gunheart…

What am I missing here. THX!

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Some games simply have odd controls especially older ones and ports from oculus as Oculus has joysticks. GUnheart is originally an oculus game released in 2017. So that would make sense that the controls felt bad.

Whilst other games movement is good enough. I find smooth locomotion in most games i’ve played is fine as it is just tap in the direction you want to go, though that may just be my muscle memory making it seem easy.

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Ok that makes sense. Maybe Ill try the smooth locomotion, I might just need to fiddle with the controller options some more.

And Before I plunge more money into the Pimax joystick controllers/light houses, I might give the Vive controllers some more time with other games other than Oculus.

THX for the reply

You should also be aware that Valve has taken a turnaround with their upcoming controllers by adding joysticks and shrinking the trackpad. So yea joysticks might be the way to go for best support going forwards.
Il most likely just get valve’s new controllers as they are supposedly manufactured in house so might be cheaper. Well they need to be cheaper for adoption to be a no brainer :slight_smile:

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