[NextGenVR] Pimax Announces the Pimax Reality 12K QLED Headset - All The Insane Specs, Plus My Thoughts!

Today has been a huge news day for VR. Pimax held their Frontier Conference where they announced a new headset called the Pimax Reality 12K QLED. In this video I will be summarizing the insane amount of specs and my thoughts on the headset and whether Pimax can actually deliver.


Nice presentation, you’ve become much better at the voice delivery since you first started out.


The voice is not smooth though, bothering me through the whole video.

Ok, now I’m imagining Next doing his next video in an Isaac Hayes impression. :wink:

Are you kidding me? These are the best reviews. Far more informative than other channels

Informative? Yes. But need to speak better. No stopping in the mid-sentence or hesitation. Yeah, if I heard Isaac Hayes or Morgan Freeman impressions, that will be fantastic ! :smiley:

What? The delivery is smooth and clear… Where did you get your degree in public speaking?


His delivery and presentation has gotten much better since he began. Quite frankly it’s good to see “your average consumer” do a review of something rather than some radio talking head with a scripted polished presentation with an agenda.


I have no idea how they screwed up the audio this bad in the Pimax but frankly it’s unacceptable and I given this experience and the fact that they can’t even produce speaker arms that can vary their distance to the ears (we are talking about middle school engineering and a $5 plastic hinge) leaves me incredibly skeptical that the 12k will ever see the light of day.

Foveated rendering with eye tracking with partnership with Tobi? Ok first you need to establish proof of concept with your pre-existing Droolon eye tracking modules that STILL do not work correctly after being released 2 years ago.

DMAS audio review - Pimax Hardware / Pimax Discussion - OpenMR | Community

Agreed, his delivery and presentation have become so much better!


the droolon eye tracking modules are flawed because there’s simply not enough room between the eyes and the lenses. they could hammer away at them forever and never satisfy most people. or they could admit it was the wrong implementation and find another way forward.


Now I see. You guys watched his previous shows, and think he is doing better.
Yet this is the first time I watched him, and I feel his slowness and almost like hesitation style of speaking. If it doesn’t bother you, then fine. Maybe the real problem is I might have watch too many other youtube shows with much better speaking.

ok Karen :wink:
We’ll make sure he needs to speak better, in his next free to watch video.


I suggest you follow the instructions and upgrades Guppy has posted here:

His updates and the various other updates have produced good results. You can read the other comments in his thread to see how it performed for others.


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If you think this is bad what on earth do you think of MRTV & Cas & Chary? :grinning:

Hello BNP!
yes I will agree that the DroolonPi1 is very flawed. but it is not just due to the distance between the eyes and the lenses. A lot of the problems arise due to 7invensun’s bad implementation of their software. After decompiling and re programming the DroolonPi1’s software and even a custom firmware I can say a lot of the problems are due to bad programming on 7invensun’s side. If you have a DroolonPi1 I highly recommend using my tutorial on getting the DroolonPi1 to run properly and almost fully working correctly!


i’d love to test it, but i had a little accident with mine, leaving a big mark on one of the glasses, i doubt it will work well. but thank you for your effort in improving it.

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your welcome :smiley: and uh oh thats not good sounding. is it like a scratch or something?
if it is a scratch it should still perform as intended

I dropped a harddisk on it… and it’s a bit inconveniently placed so i’ve not really felt like trying it out since.

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