Nightmare support for 7 months (Read this please Pimax)

Nightmare support for 7 months (Read this please Pimax)

First of all, I promised myself not to complain on any forums because I wanted to be a better person and hopefully this would make the support faster, easier and more pleasant but it turns out it didn’t and Pimax took it too far.


What made me write this is that they promised me a 100$ coupon if i was willing to keep the wrong headset they sent me and now they are saying 100$ coupon is too much but they can offer me a 100$ coupon if i buy the new 8K model.

Making a long story short:
It started last year in august, my headset stopped working so they sent me a replacement, It went pretty fast. They said “Please help control the freight under US50$. We could also reimbursement the delivery cost by your PayPal account”.
I had a 5K+ but paid 200$ more so they would send me a 5K XR. They did but it was defective (scratched lenses). I had to pay shipping for that one as well and for my original one. Then I waited for more than a month to get the next replacement. This one I had to pay VAT for, jippie.

When I got the new headset I noticed they sent me a 5K+ even though I paid 200$ extra for the 5K XR. This was because the first guy had resigned so a new person took up my case and didn’t read the history of our chat properly. After I wrote again saying they sent the wrong product he answered he would ask the team if they could send a new one, he went radio silence for 2 weeks and then replied
"I am sorry for the delay and mistake.

I’d like to apply to you for a refund of $200? At present, 5K + can support 120Hz, while 5K XR is not yet available.

Would you consider keeping 5K? If you consider keeping 5K+, in compensation for sending the wrong product, I offer you a $100 coupon that you can buy Pimax own products and accessories at the store. Thank you for your support.
This was November 12th 2019.
I answered him and accepted the deal but then there was radio silence till January 15th 2020. Now a new person had taken up my case. The person told me Pimax would give me the 100$ coupon and pay me back 200$ that I had paid extra for the 5k XR that I never got.

At the end of January the person wrote “We will send the coupon and refund to you after the Chinese New Year.” I had written SEVERAL times before “what about the shipping and vat? you should at least pay the shipping” but the person never answered it until 13 February and said “Please send me the receipt of the shipping fee and VAT receipt, tracking number.I will apply refund for you.” As late as March they finally answered but this time it was a new person. So I’ve had 4 people so far handling my case.

The new person refunded finally the 200$ but not the cost for the shipping nor the VAT. The person told me that the cost for the shipping and VAT is too big even though it’s their fault for sending out faulty products. I agreed that they didn’t have to pay the VAT. I asked what about the 100$ coupon? The person said that the 100$ coupon is too much and offered me a 100$ coupon if I buy the new 8K model.

I don’t like to be angry but Jesus Christ, can’t you just give me the 100$ coupon that 2 supports promised me as a compensation because YOU guys sent me the wrong product? This feels like a big bitch slap on my face.

Can you please just think this over and maybe keep 1 promise? I’ve been understanding, nice to all the supports (Yes i’ve probably gotten a bit more impatience, but that’s because you guys don’t make it easy) but now you’ve stepped over the line, dammit, look what you have made me do, I never wanted ending up writing something like this.


@zoyer. Can you post or PM @PimaxQuorra your ticket number?

The simple truth they are Obligated to honor the original deal whether they have had a change in personnel or not.

I will not go into details but am having a similar issue due to excessive hand offs. I need mine elevated it seems to a manager that will resolve things. Basics 1 ticket with 2 items and due to them changing things they want me to start over with new tickets after the first ticket was being resolved in Dec 2019.


@PimaxQuorra My ticket: #17,656. I’m not gonna argue more with the one handling my case since I believe that person is just asking a higher up what to do.

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Thx. I agree, can’t believe this is happening. Just slapping me around, showing deals up in my face so I at the end get tired enough and accept it.


Hi Zoyer,

We are so sorry for causing so much problems, shall we look at your tickets and figure out the solution for you?

Basically you received the wrong headset and got the $200 refund, but only missing the $100 coupon that we promised.

We will come back with an update on your issues.

On behalf of our support team, we want to say sorry on all the mistakes.



What a nightmare. 7 months, 4 support people.
Why can’t Pimax do support right?

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What’s been said and agreed so far is that you’ll pay me 80$ for the shipping costs to my paypal or bank and also send me a comfort kit. The 100$ coupon is what you guys now all of a sudden want to take away from me because it’s a too big sum even though you promised it as a compensation.

3 things you have to do: the 80$
2.send the comfort kit
3.Give me the 100$ coupon

After that, we’re settled and this ticket can finally be closed before I get a 5th person taking up my case whom I need to explain and send the receipts to.


I love how I even wrote a “great support” review and kept it up because I thought everyone makes mistakes. This is not a mistake though, this is just a company treating you bad.

Here is the time I still had hope: Thanks Pimax, great support!
funny how karma is, when you do nothing wrong, being kind and understanding and then you get treated like this


Yeah, I was patient for a long time. Really long time. I even defended Pimax quite vocally on this forum and my German home VR forum.

But at some stage you just run out of all goodwill you are capable of handing a small company with non-professional structures.

It is when you can no longer convince yourself that it is all due to unfortunate mishaps, errors, hand-over gone wrong, sheer bad luck etc. but it starts to look & feel as if there was some kind of deliberate “let’s just play with them, give them hope one day and crush it the other day, until they are so frustrated that they will just give up and surrender all their rights and trott away and we get to keep their money”.
To me it doesn’t look like chaos and missing structure any longer, but like a company taking the conscious decision to ignore a whole range of their customers and their obligatiosn towards them to a larger degree.

The only hope I currently have is to make so much noise here and elsewhere to force them to perform a bit better, and in parallel to warn users to not spend money in pre-pays to Pimax at current, until they have proven that they can fulfil their obligations not only incidentally but at large.


I feel you, exactly how it was for me. I’ve been defending them for a long time.

Anyway this post made them rethink and I got my 100$ coupon. lets see if I get the 80$ and the comfort kit as well.


You might want to make it clear again that the 80$ shipping comes from 2 * 40$.

I often have the impression that the language translation loses some things. So be very clear, simple structure, slowly, short: Speak as if you would speak to a Dane.

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Thanks for the tips xD it’s good now though, everything is settled and done. Guess all it took was a post, too bad that’s what you have to do to get things done and sped up.


I don’t think they would do things like these out of calculation. This happened simply due to multiple transitions and the build-up of their support system.

I hope it’s all fine now and will remain as it is, so it’ll settle and enjoy the needed repetitive regularity to work well.