NIS with Pimax 8kX for DCS

Hi @all,
How can i use NIS (Nvidia Image scaling) for my Pimax 8kX with SteamVR and PiTool for better FPS results in DCS?


don’t think about it any further

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i think this works with dcs:

iirc theres a small change you make to the config file you download with the mod which enables NIS instead of FSR.


Isn’t worth the effort. DCS is so CPU bound. Reshade brings something for a better look.
For more performance, it is more helpful to clock the CPU to at least 5GHz. Then use ProjectLasso and Route everything in such a way that DCS has the two best cores for itself. So SteamVr and everything that the system does not need relocated.
I get 68-90 FPS in normal FOV at 90Hz in single player. Multiplayer gnaws at the CPU again in such a way that it tends to drop to 35-50FPS.
(10850k + moddet TitanRTX)


ah right ok, can’t say i’ve used it in dcs so wouldn’t know.


These are my pc spec.:

Mainboard: Asus Prime z690-A
Memory: 32 GB DDR5 6000MHz CL36
Drives: 1x normal SSD 540MB/s with Win10 + m.2 pci-e x4 NVME 7000 MB/s with DCS
CPU: Intel i9 12900k (not overclocked)
GPU: MSI RTX 2080Super (not overclocked)
Driver: Nvidea Version 497.29 from 12/20/2021
Windows: Win 10 Pro (Driver up to Date - 21H2 - and komplett new installation)
PiTool: V1.0.1.273
Headset: Pimax 8kX view “normal”
Headset Firmware: V2.1.255.299
Cable: Pimax 6M Fiber Optical
Controller: Valve Index Controllers Knuckles


best cpu / ram on the market. gpu also ok. i think dcs runs smooth like butter