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I suddenly got a box in the post.
After paying import duty and tax, I opened it up and found that it came with 2 base stations, a sexual fantasy rubber costume in horrible, light-grey for the Pimax 5+ and some kind of ginormous headstrap with funky speakers…

Oh and a massive foam plate of some description…

I can’t seem to get the headstrap to stay on, can anyone assist? I don’t have a 3D printer, but would assume they would send something that can clip on…


OK… I see that I somehow have to remove the two plastic clips from the original velcro headband… does anyone know how to get them off without breaking them? They seem to be impossible to remove without force…


Try to push them against the gasket then they should be able to slide them out when pushing them forward.


Thanks, but on second thoughts, I think I’ll wait. If I can’t get my 5k+ working on my new computer within a week, I’ll sell it and the backer box… and be done with this failed kickstarter forever. {still don’t even have a pair of controllers, although I paid $900}

No point risking any more physical damage to this device, the paper thin and brittle plastic is starting to show signs of cracking in various places and I haven’t even touched it for a year. If it falls apart I’ll get nothing for it on the second hand market.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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