No Mans Sky, No more parallel projection mode!

Heads up, haven’t seen this mentioned but one of the last updates for NMS must’ve fixed the stereo mismatch on certain vfx and planet flora!

I finally have this one playable on an 8KX with rtx 3080 at 100% steam ss with pitool: pp off, smart smoothing off, fov potato (just pretend you’re wearing a space helmet), native 75hz.


Looks as good as flat on a playstation from in headset with these settings i’d say.


niiiiiiccceee:-) love it


No way, excellent news. Thanks for the heads up!


Went through (admitted quickly) the latest patch/release notes and the only thing that seems related is this one:

  • Fixed a number of minor visual issues with planetary props.



Fingers crossed

is the DLSS coming?



Hello Games dominates! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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If NMS can add this almost as an afterthought… would be nice to see FDEV do the same for Elite.

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Man, this is a great day


Are you working to give @sethw the likelihood to make a PE cloud Profile for No Man Sky with Graphics options?

Current (phase 1 out of 4) alpha for Odyssey supposedly does no occlusion culling at all, so we’ll see, I guess… :7

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With 3080 and Steam SS 100% could you run No man Sky at small FOV/ Normal FOV ?

How is the frame rate at small FOV/Normal FOV?

Please tell us what Pimax rendering setting you are using for all FOV and what is your CPU!!!

No man Sky is CPU sensitive

my cpu is an i5-8600k and was only able to hit the 75fps target with potato fov and 1.0 render scale in pitool and 100% ss in steamvr.

normal fov would probably work with planet quality low, but because i prioritized hitting planet quality HIGH with the better post processing and volumetric effects i made the trade off for the smallest fov. which obviously isnt ideal, but it’s sufferable in this game only because it doesnt destroy the immersion since your character would already be wearing a helmet with limited visibility.

for me this looks really good, very sharp and smooth but also very immersive with the necessary graphic options cranked up.

crossing my fingers when/if we get DLSS support on this one that we can go for normal fov all other settings the same.

ps. one thing i havent tried since the update is FFR , it didnt work before but often that has to do with parallel projection, now without pp maybe there are gains to be made with that

pps. FFR doesnt work, remains “inactive” on pitool while in the game so zero effect (not even the problem where it blurs the whole screen)


Pimax 8K X is a great VR headset (Mine is still in the box)

Thank you for the fast and detailed answer. Very Usefull.

No Man Sky is my VR killer game and i have already bought

Hopefully i will play soon

Wondering if FFR remains inactive because you are using potato FOV

Anyway you have just told us that No man Sky looks really good , very sharp and smooth

So i believe you could be an excellent tester for the upscaling mode

Please share your experience with us at Normal FOV

without changing the settings you use for Native Mode and potato FOV

Please play enough time until you get used to the lower resolution - for the upscaling -

If you will find the black screen lens issue report Pitool version and Firmware

To have assistance from Pimax

I’ve been checking this for a couple of evenings, and unfortunately I have found one sprite for a bush (or a shrubbery if you prefer!) that still causes problems with PP Off. However, I’ve only seen it occasionally and most of the planets seem fine.

With my 2080 Ti I’m running exactly the same in game settings as SethW (except for Base Complexity Standard), but with Small FOV and Motion Smoothing On. It’s a rock steady 37/38 everywhere, which wasn’t possible before with PP On, even with reduced settings.

Edit I’m running FFR Conservative but I can see some artefacts on ground textures in my peripheral vision when I turn. I will try and turn FFR off if the performance is still OK.

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surely you can go higher than potato?

Yeah can you believe they haven’t charged for a single update? SkyrimVR is still full price


NMS was already mostly fine without PP, it’s just a few sprites for vegetation that are affected. Tweaking those is not so much work for them.

Unfortunately ED’s issue with canted lenses is more fundamental, and given Frontier are basically not bothering with further VR development, they won’t take the time to rework the engine to accommodate a small percentage of headset users.

Some might argue it’s not all that much work for them, I can’t comment, but I also suspect they no longer have all the staff who originally built all the core foundations of the game, hence focus on new things like Odyssey without reworking the old game too much.

Another update. I found that the distracting white artefacts in my peripheral vision were happening on Small FOV, whether FFR was on or not. Performance didn’t change.

I then tried Normal FOV with FFR Conservative On, and 1. Performance is still unchanged 2. Normal FOV + FFR doesn’t have those artefacts. Brilliant, I’ll stick with that now.

Just goes to show once again how demanding PP is. I’m going to put up with occasional ‘bad’ shrubbery for this overall improvement.


Nice one @sethw , first I was thinking why potato fov? I tried normal fov + smart smoothing on, and even on my 2080ti it was kinda ok.
But it was completely not ok. The left/right eye mismatch was always here, at least some flora, but always.

Now I use your settings 1:1, and it is excellent 99% time. FOV must be potato, and settings must be as yours. Sure I will play this game more :slight_smile:

PS: I will reconsider “potato” in some other games which do not tolerate high resolution.

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on my 5k+ i refused to use potato mode, but with the 8kx i actually feel a lot better about the smaller fov’s because the pixel density is still great. worst case it’s still slightly better than a reverb g2 and that’s not bad at all.