No Man's Sky VR performance suggestions - still relevant in 2021?

Just saw this, and while from 2019 and not for Pimax, there’s a few suggestions here that I had never heard of. Anyone use these / can confirm a benefit, or outdated now? I’ll try some of this later myself.


  1. Override Windows DPI High Scaling settings for nms.exe and set to ‘application controlled’
  2. Turn off Windows Game Mode. Not sure if this is still a useful thing to do.
  3. Force off Vsync, and set VR pre-rendered frames from 1 to ‘application controlled’
  4. Nvidia - change texture filtering ‘threaded optimisation’ from auto to off.
  5. Turn off Advanced Supersampling filtering in SteamVR. I used to do this as recommended by @SweViver, but PE defaults to on for all apps. Still useful to turn off?
  6. Turn off GPU profiling. Have to check if this is on by default.
  7. Change the CPU high and low thread values in the NMS mxml files
  8. Find best AA settings. I’m not sure what the latest recommended ones are.
  9. Turn off HPET in the UEFI / BIOS, helps CPU bound apps. Not sure I will change this one.
  10. Another thought is which any of these changes are universally beneficial for Pimax VR in general, and therefore can be safely changed and left like that for all apps.