NVIDIA DLSS 2.1 to support VR

Apologies if this is old news.

How does DLSS not look terrible in VR as our
faces are up so close to the screen?

Source: http://www.guru3d.com/news-story/nvidia-dlss-2-1-technology-will-feature-virtual-reality-support.html


who knows, but it will be interesting to find out. once games that supports it starts to come out… a few years from now?


In theory a developer should be able to patch support in.


true, how often do we actually see this though?

Yeah, not saying it’s necessarily likely!

If you look at highly magnified images from DLSS 2.0 (not 2.1) the render is extremely close to the original. It even renders things like metal grating with impressive accuracy. (DLSS 1.0 didn’t handle a lot of edge cases well).

I think DLSS 2.1 will be a very good thing for VR. Far easier to implement than before as well.


I saw a video claiming DLSS is now general-purpose, and does not need to be trained to specific games. Any chance we can see this feature forced at the driver-level, instead of opt-in by software companies like Eagle Dynamics that may not have time?

FWIW, also, I am much more hopeful about DLSS 2.x than DLSS 1.x .


That’s a question for nVidia. As of now, they require some sort of change to the game itself.

Is it some sort of change to the game itself? Or just opt-in to some kind of beta program? Because if the latter, we might all benefit greatly if allowed to force enable DLSS 2.x .

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I’m not certain, but my understanding is that a change to the game code is required.

Nvidia claims that any game that supports TXAA anti-aliasing (and there’s a lot of them) can hook into DLSS with minimal hassle

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It’s “much easier for developers to work into their games”.

That’s (unfortunately) not zero effort, so there’s a fair number of games which will never get updated.

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Yeah the requirements are far lower, no discrete learning and can now be added via some small modifications if TXAA is already supported. Also the quality is vastly superior to the original DLSS.


I wonder if it would be possible for modders to patch this in (thinking Skyrim). I wonder what you need access to.

Probably the initial setup (when setting the resolution, anisotropic filtering, AA, etc.) for the game.