NVIDIA DLSS is now a plugin for UE4 4.26, available to all on the marketplace

from this thread:

"Freaking awesome! I was struggling to keep my VR project under 11ms, now it’s 7ms, while visually I see 0 difference! Incredible!"

Sounds promising, doesn’t it?


I wonder if they’ll implement this with Assetto Corsa Competizione somehow


this depends on how hard it would be to port the game to UE4.26 from the actual version

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Changing the engine requires too much work, I don’t believe they will. Maybe for the next title (always if they use Unreal Engine … though)

Engine Update to latest Unreal Engine version (4.26.1)
This is also one step closer to raytracing support, DLSS support, Linux support, and OpenXR support!


Kunos Developer on DLSS

I see the Kunos developers are still a**holes. Back when they first ported AC to vr they were extremely rude to vive users and blew us off for the longest time even making jokes like “I have a vive but I’m not even going to take it out of the box just to make you upset”

Very juvenile, very rude and the reason I uninstalled AC and never went back.

Yes, it sounds like Kunos’ usual excuse to avoid a request. We’ll see when the first racing game with DLSS comes out. Cyberpunk has racing scenarios, but it’s not the same thing