Nvidia Image Scaling affects VR?

Noticed Nvidia added their FSR clone inside Geforce Experience. I wonder how it compares

EDIT: I think I’m confused. Somebody correct me. SO FSR and NIS are both upscaling tech. But normally dont affect VR games.

But then the Openvr_FSR guy made that openvr.dll that implements FSR into the VR render pipeline. And recently added NIS support as well.

So this setting in the driver won’t affect VR games as easily as does in Pancake games. Right?

Side note this was driving me crazy the last few weeks I noticed a green NIS logo on my secondary 4K screen and couldn’t figure out where it was coming from, and google searches were coming up empty

I just noticed according to nvidia’s page I linked above that its an indicator that shows when NIS is in use. Lol I thought I had spyware. :rofl:


It doesn’t work on VR


I thought so, lucky for openvr_fsr since they added NIS scaling as an option

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Can you compare FSR and NIS? Like fps gains and visual quality?

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In ACC FSR gains me 15-20% dlss upto 30% and it looks better

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In VR, Dlss on ACC is a blurry mess, although you use reshade for sharpening