NYC Pimax Roadshow Impressions


Damn sound’s good, some good VR People over at the meet up!
Hope we get those DCS Settings here in the Forum @SweViver :slight_smile:


That kid in the first video is awesome. He sounds pretty smart and provided a thorough review.


Much appreciated! just watching, I’m curious about those magic DCS and Elite settings :slight_smile:


Pay Matthew! Keep him, he adds value FOR Pimax like no other if what he’s figuring out is correct!

Get him to create automatic settings generators for users so it all becomes more plug-and-play. He’s amazing


Hell yes! I want to buy that guy a beer, and I live close enough I may be able to. =D

Anyone know who he is?

If you are reading this Matthew, Please PM TripRodriguez on the DCS forums! I can trade time on a really good motion simulator for advice on settings. =D

I’d be really excited to hear more about your settings and results etc. I’ve got the 8K X ordered and didn’t expect to be able to run it in native even with a 2080ti.


Sure seems like a different breed of VR user up here in the NorthEast than we saw in the Florida videos! =P

I really wish I’d gone now, but the decision I made was to save $200 I’d have spent attending and add it to my HMD budget to order the 8K X instead of the 8K Plus and after seeing Matthew’s results I’m glad I did. I did not expect to be able to fly DCS on current hardware with the ‘X’ on native.

I fear he probably turned viewing distance and other scenery eye candy things down as part of his tweaking which I hate doing, but it’s great to know at least it is an option and… maybe he didn’t. =D

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Reviews sound good. Not one person said they saw SDE on the 8k X.
Sounds like on a few saw very minimal distortion. Wish I could haven gotten to go to NYC like last time.

Hmm what to do…

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I agree. We will duscuss this internally.

By the way, Matthew has an 8KX loaner now. One of the samples without strap though, for testing and evaluation purposes. I handed it over to him after NYC meetup. I think with his knowledge and skills, he can really help us out with settings, tweaks and optimizations. More info about this coming later…


That is fantastic news Martin. I’m glad Pimax officially put you on the payroll, it has changed things in a very positive way and you seem to be doing a truly great job for them.


Is he on the forum? If so, what is his ID?

He appears extremely knowledegable and might be a valuable asset in getting that Pimax horsepower actually on the ground.

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I hope Matthew doesn’t mind sharing his user account and suggested settings from this post (will remove if too much pinging!):

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Thank you mate, we are all working hard to make things happen :slight_smile:

Matthew is @mirage335 here in the forums. I totally agree, Matthew is a genius as I use to say :wink:

Guys I just arrived home. Will pickup the 3m extension cable im the afternoon but need to sleep for a few hours. Haven’t slept at all during the 14 hours of travel. I will be back later tonight, hope thats ok.


Even if somebody says it’s not - you should know it is :wink: don’t burn yourself!


Thanks for breaking the news!

First, I would like to thank Pimax for the opportunity to meet and work with the team. So full of energy and enthusiasm, with a solid product.

Indeed, I am Matthew “mirage335” Hines, with the settings spreadsheets, and now the loaner Pimax Vision 8kX to test!

From my experience at the roadshow and CES, I can confirm the Pimax Vision 8kX headset, even the demo units, are at least as robust as the best Pimax headsets ever made. Probably much more robust than end users require, especially for seated use cases.

From the loaner, I indeed hope the plentiful test data I am gathering will prove I have made good use of it. For now, I can definitely say I am determining exactly the correct settings to use for the rendering pipeline. Also, I am learning much about the full capabilities of the Pimax Vision 8kX, both in terms of performance and comfort.

Total absence of SDE and pixelation indeed seems to be the case for any object rendered at >=1.5x Total SR. Still looking closely though.

Technical details of the relevant spreadsheets are posted in a separate thread.

If you live in the DC area, please do let me know. A few weeks from now might be a good time to meet publicly, or privately sooner. Eye candy scenery did not have to be turned down more than with other headsets. Shadows need to be off, though Visib Range can be increased if desired (though it does not affect vehicles/aircraft). Getting the exact resolution set to achieve a Total SR of 1.5x with absolute minimum load on the rendering pipeline while documenting an exact working configuration is what the ‘param.ods’ spreadsheet is really about.

Thanks for the vote of confidence. The spreadsheet is about as automatic as things can get - most things are drop downs already, with comments for guidance on changing things further. I think the way forward is to create profiles for specific VR headsets and PC hardware combinations (ie. DCS World, i9-9900KS, RTX 2080 Ti, quality/latency), then load those profiles with small programs. Beyond that (specific DCS World missions, high object counts, uncommon CPU, etc), there are enough subtleties to keep track of that a few full time developers might be needed to have something like SteamVR settings really get it right on its own for all apps/hardware, and even then the tradeoffs (ie. latency/quality) are numerous enough the end user experience might be the same - lots of buttons to press. Still curious to hear more of your thoughts though.

Indeed. If there is any SDE at all, at 1.5x Total SR on the Pimax Vision 8kX, it is very hard to find.


@mirage335 Excellent!

I was stalking you everywhere I could think of earlier this week, worried that your methods might be lost to us all forever if we didn’t track you down. =D I didn’t know that you had already made spreadsheets and such.

I’m about four hours drive North of you, near Scranton Pennyslvania. Once the new v2 motion sim is ready to go you may find it worth the trip. This is a whole different level of motion simulator from the motion sims that were in that room in NY. I assume that you do not have a terribly strong aversion to traveling this kind of distance based on your appearance in Manhattan. I think it will be two months until the new sim is ready, but I think it’s safe to say everyone in the particular group knows how easily timelines can slip!

I’ll be taking a quick first look at your spreadsheets after I finish typing this, and will really dig into them at my next opportunity which will likely be Friday.

As far as the eye candy, the thing I dislike more than anything else in sims and games is objects or textures popping in and out so I usually have visibility range maxed. I also usually have shadows off to help make up for it. As long as I can use the “high” texture resolution setting I’ll be happy enough I think.

Just to show what I mean about my motion sim being on a different level, here is a quick video of the first motion sim I built. This video is from the very beginning so it’s not programmed well at all! The new sim is a totally different design building on lessons learned and improved availability of better parts. It will look far less impressive, but it will feel far superior.

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Pimax 8KX got rave review:


Hi Matthew, yes you earned that trust quickly my friend.
I have ordered a 8KX but I’m not rich, and my rig is at the low end for even the 5K+ I have now. It’s an i5 3570K clocked to 4 Ghz with an 1080ti. The CPU is already bottlenecking my GPU.

So having guys like you figuring out the whole pipeline for maximum efficiency is a much needed addition to these configurations. I will have to wait till end of the year before I can begin thinking of investing in another PC fit for high fidelity VR so I need all the optimization intelligence I can get and that’s not exactly something I’m particularly good at.

@Pimel If you’re interested, you could also buy my rig when better hardware comes out. Though I will probably need to fund my next rig too.

Your current hardware may not be as bad as you think for the 8kX. Since your CPU is rather old, I assume you are not heavily into DCS World as much as maybe Elite Dangerous, racing sims, Pavlov, or other things not trying to simulate aircraft instruments never designed for VR headsets. In which case all you need is the clean text, HUD graphics, sharp edges, of the 8kX. High supersampling is more necessary for DCS World due to such things as poorly chosen font on top of moving color maps, on a somewhat distant display.

EDIT: To be clear, at lower supersampling, the 1080 Ti is not a bad card. Maybe 50-80% the performance of an RTX 2080 Ti, which at lower supersampling, could be enough. More testing in progress of course…

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