Obduction 1.8.0: Promising Update (PP no longer needed)

Unless I have to specifically opt-in to the new update, yes I’m sure (I’m on the latest version of the game according to Steam).

Maybe look in %localappdata%\Obduction\Saved\Logs or %localappdata%\Obduction\Saved\Crashes and see if anything is there that can help to determine what’s going wrong?

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The version is shown in the game menu.

I’ll check the logs this evening.

I’m on Windows 10 (1903), Ryzen 3700x CPU and an EVGA 1080ti FTW3.

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The UE4 Error is only displayed when exiting the game. There are no logs and the ErrorMessage in the CrashContext is empty.

OK guys, I just tested it on my Vive and it is not working either. Exactly the same as Pimax.

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Hmm, dusted off my p5k+ for a quick test… (worked fine in the index, last evening)

Got to continuing, and loading my previous game, and was met with a bunch of flickering 5x3 or so meter rectangles with dither patterns on them, right up in my face…

I am none the less wondering whether it isn’t something to do with the annoying solution they have for dealing with the player straying out of bounds (Expect the player to stand still at the centre of their playspace, and if they walk within their playspace so that they go somewhere “forbidden” in the gameworld (even if this is within an open space), fade the the view to black. -Not a fan! -If there is a wall: Just stop the camera moving, please.)

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Thanks guys… :+1::wink:

The thing is the image is shown on the monitor and I was standing where I saved the game. In the middle of the little shed where the hatch is (I’m not very far into the game).

The logos are not displaying when starting the game either so it can’t be anything to do with bounds.

@DrWilken What windows update version are you using, I’m still using 1709?

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Pretty sure it’s 1903 (latest “normal” release?).

EDIT: I’m on 1809:

Not at home now, but I’ll check later… :wink:

My NVIDIA graphics drivers are also on the latest version (431.60).

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I updated mine to that version today, didn’t help.

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431.60 here too… :+1:

Ok, tried a few more times, redoing room setup, with different startup options, and going for “New Game” in the menu.

The game does start up, and renders just fine in the desktop mirror window, but all that is rendered in the HMD is a grey rectangle in front of me, that covers the entire view (If I push the supersampling extremely high, I can see it, because then it lags behind head motion by almost a second (around it, is only black)).

Nice that they have put in “laser pointers” for the menu, though - “gaze clicking”, that was used before, is kind of tedious; The raycasting targets feel a bit offset, though, from the UI elements they go with, and tiny… :7

…seems choosing free locomotion on the new game screen (instead of “blink”) still does not “take”…

EDIT: On an altogether unrelated note, but which this excercise gave me cause to consider: Maybe now that I have received my Index kit, and have decided to keep it, and since Pimax’s lighthouses and controllers are still an unknown factor; Maybe I should put my old v1 Vive lighthouses, and wands up for grabs, if anybody desperately need some. Shipping costs probably makes it prohibitive to bother sending them outside northern Europe, though…

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Might be a good idea to try validating integrity of the SteamVR files as well- I’ve had that fix some obscure issues for me in the past.

Edit: I’m gonna throw up a short Obduction stream here to demonstrate that it’s working fine for me on the latest PiTool/Obduction update, can’t promise I’ll play it for too long though as this game makes me sick pretty quickly haha.


I just switched to publicpreview which works fine and back to 1.8.0 which still doesn’t work so there is something weird in 1.8.0.

I noticed that logos are never displayed in the HMD so what I said in my previous post doesn’t mean anything.

We can rule out this being a Pimax problem since Vive doesn’t work either.


Did that too. No dice… :wink:

As mentioned, I tried that too and it worked (there old release).

Wonder why it works for @brian91292.

Apparently I’m on 1809. I’ll manually install 1903 using this download:

Fingers crossed… :crossed_fingers::wink:

I really don’t understand how Microsoft manages to make software updates that slow…? :open_mouth:

i9 9900K @ 5GHz, 2TB NVMe SSD, 2080 Ti, 16GB 4GHz RAM.

EDIT: Finished update, rebooted… Still on 1809, no errors or notifications… Trying now to update to 1903 from Windows Update which lists “Feature update to Windows 10, version 1903” now, but didn’t before running the update tool (wonder what that “update tool” did then…?)… Windows, please wait’ing people since 1983… :smiley:


Gotta love those Windows updates :sob:


Had a HP printer driver (HP LaserJet Color 1025) that kept failing install (and has been before), so I hid it with this tool: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/3073930/how-to-temporarily-prevent-a-driver-update-from-reinstalling-in-window

I’m hoping that failed driver install was what kept the Windows update from being installed.

Retrying the update now (it of course failed right at the end after waiting for half an hour!)… :tired_face:



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