Oculus Games thru PiTool.Has been resolved

I’ve noticed I’m unable to launch my Oculus games through Pitool. I’m using V1.0.1.262. Every Oculus game fails an “Entitlement check”. Revive works, but not Pitool. Anyone else having this issue?

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Check your pitool install your AV may have prevented part of the pitool install something like ovrsetup if mem serves.


Reinstalled and they’re back to working. Thank you sir.


Will pitools work with all of my Rift S games? Does anyone know if pitools and my 8K+will work with my games after 2013 if I do not get a FB account?

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The FB account is hard to say. As you will likely need to get a FB account to associate with Oculus Home later on and will likely be needed to validate your games with.

Compatibility with Rift games on the other hand similar to revive pitool needs to be updated when games use a new oculus sdk version.

There is a game compatibility list that might include oculus versions on r/pimax.

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