Oculus Half Dome come with 4k x 4k panel

4k with 140 fov.

pimax 5k+, 8k is good on 150 fov which be better than 140 fov for a little bit.
So pimax should solve the distortion in 170 fov.

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This product is a prototype, and can’t be compared to a product that is about to ship to consumers, as we all know saying it has all the whistles and bells does not mean it can actually manage it…

Just look at all the prototype cars that come along that never make it to production…

That would be double the PPD of the rift CV1. Abrash said that one “could” put 4k panels into half dome, not that they had.

So, if Pimax had lenses designed for the 170 degree “normal” mode, we would have near 30ppd on Pimax.