Oculus problems with my 8K+

Not sure where to put this.
I have the half-moon controllers. If I open up big screen using only the pitools everything is right-side up. if If I go to a theater to watch NASA Tv the feed is upside down. everything else is normal. I then tried to change seats with the thumbsticks, tried the A, B buttons, and even tried to use the exit and other indented buttons. Nothing would work. On other games the buttons would work but not the sticks for moving or turning. I Had no problems with my Rift S. I’m still getting used to my 8K+ and have not looked at all my games but is there a setup step that I missed? Anything I need to do or set up before I start x plane. So far all of my SteamVR games seem to work fine. I have more Oculus games then SteamVR games and would love to play them

Hello, did you found a solution? I have similar problems?

Kind regards

If I remember right I emailed Big Screen and they helped me fix it But it was some time ago. Sorry I could not be of more help.