Official 'How to change lens video' from Pimax

So I was talking to them about sending my device back to remove some fluff stuck inside the lens, but it would cost 140 euros in tax because of Brexit, which I can’t afford so they offered to send me replacement lenses so I could do it myself :slight_smile: thought it would be useful to you all.


I think I might try to hire a company to make custom aspheric lenses matching the shape of the original 8KX fresnel lenses and then put in these new ones.

Would be useful if Pimax releases the 3D CAD/STL file for the 8KX lenses. Then it can be used as reference for new design. @PimaxUSA @PimaxQuorra @apple


That would be awesome.

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Hi NextGenVR,

Thank you for your advice.
We will feed back your idea and confirm if it is feasible.



What is it you would hope to achieve from this endeavour?

I consider Pimax’ fresnel lenses to be pretty damn good for what they are, that is regarding the compromises neccessary when using fresnel lenses (aberration, god rays and fresnel artifacts).

If it’s an improvement on the distortion you are after, you would have to pair that with custom geometric distortion profiles.

The idea has been floated a couple of times here and has been feasible for low FOV HMDs like the OG Vive where the GearVR lens swap was very popular. Alas, the high FOV game is considerably more complex.

Also, please do keep in mind that custom aspherical lenses are extremely expensive even when factoring in bulk buying, are heavier than their fresnel counterparts and considerably more bulky; I doubt that an aspherical lens with the same optical properties as the current fresnel design would fit into the HMD in the first place.

But if you do find a solution for all this please do let us know, I’m sure some users would like to participate.

My dream is a lens for 8KX that compresses the display into smaller FOV

I rarely used the large FOV on 5K+, and never on 8KX, I hate all that display wasted


I rarely used the large FOV on 5K+, and never on 8KX,

that’s weird, i use large on pretty much any application that doesnt require parallel projection on my 5k+ – you’re right, that does sound wasteful!

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