Official Pimax Now QUESTIONS ONLY Thread (Event on June 29th)

Asked PimaxUSA if we could go ahead and create the thread mentioned in the June 17th update:

“As previously mentioned in last week’s update we will also create a forum discussion thread for the upcoming event so backers and Pimax fans can bring up topics and suggestions for items you would like to see answered. Please keep this discussion civil and constructive.”

Post any relevant questions that you’d like answered during the upcoming Pimax Now event here. :+1:


As for my own, here are a few:

  1. Do we have an ETA on the wireless module, even if only a vague window?
  2. What is currently happening with the 5KXR? Will it receive a “Super” type refresh, like the 5K+ did?
  3. Have there been any modifications made to the lenses that will be reflected in the new Vision series?
  4. What is the maximum refresh of the Pimax 8KX at full FOV (is it 80hz)? Is Displayport 2.0 a possibility?
  5. Will the ability to adjust the panel brightness be reinstated in Pitool? And if so, will the XR get it too?
  6. Was the previous implementation of the brightness adjustment option able to adjust the backlight intensity, or is the brightness adjustment based in software?
  1. Will eye-tracking with dynamic foveated rendering allow a higher refresh rate on the 8k x ? Since DFR should lower the bandwidth.

  2. Have you done any experiments with a “dynamic” fov using eye-tracking ? For example the fov by default is on normal mode but when looking to the side it will extend to the large fov.
    So in addition to decreasing the resolution in the peripheral vision it won’t render some Pixels at the very edges at all, to further increase performance but you still get a dynamic large fov.

  3. When do you have developer samples of the eye tracking module available to send out ? (Thinking about devs from Climbey, Pavlov, RecRoom…)

Edit: 4. what is the limiting factor when it comes to refresh rate vs FOV ?

the 5k+ 202 runs at 110Hz on normal FOV (or slightly smaller, I’m not sure), the 5k+ 203 runs at 120Hz on a much smaller than “normal mode” FOV which seems so be the same size as with 144Hz, the 5k super can do

I can’t get my head around the 5k+ having the same FOV in 120Hz vs 144Hz. If bandwidth was the limiting factor, they shouldn’t be on the same FOV. Is there unused potential to increase the 120Hz FOV further down the line via a firmware update ?
And since the 5k super apparently does 120Hz at large FOV:

  1. what FOV mode can the 8KX at 120 Hz hande with scalar mode enabled, since it uses the latest and greatest hardware out of all the Pimax HMD’s ?

I have the best question. When is Pimax Now?


Hello Castelunan,

We will pin your thread globally!
Thanks for your effort!


  1. How many Pimax 8K-X’s are in the first, second, and third batch?
  2. How long will it take until Pre-order customers begin receiving their headsets?
  1. Can we get an update on items stuck in Shanghai airport waiting for delivery?

Some people have asked about the concept of a drop in lenses upgrade, should newer lenses ever materialize that improve upon the originals. Is this a possibility for the future?


When will Pimax support 3 tracking pucks for full body tracking?


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Any word on the development of the controllers.


I would like to know about the deluxe audio solution please.


Can we combine coupon’s into one coupon. i.e $100+$50 = one $150 coupon.

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Is the Bluetooth radio in the X the same as in the 8K-5K+ or has it been improved / upgraded?


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  1. When will base stations be sent to the last backers? I’m still waiting, thanks.
  2. Will eye tracking finally help most games to have better relolution or fps? Any game bechmark to show it?
  3. Gpu Catalyst explanation and how to use it.
  4. How many 8kx are ready and how many can Pimax make in July?
  5. When will backers receive the rest of kickstart goals?
  6. Will Pimax learn from misleading with information that a product is going to finish in one month and then delay it for months and months? Your customers are the best marketing and sometimes it isn’t really easy to recommend you to others.
  7. Will deluxe audio cause more delays for 8kx?
  1. Artisan FOV seems inconsistent between ‘black’ and ‘blue’ models. My own unit is reporting 131 hFOV via hmdq. Is the inconsistency just early firmware/software problems, or an actual hardware difference? Will hFOV reach the advertised 140 degrees?
  2. PiTool 260 seems to have a problem where it cannot utilize 100% GPU and this causes a decrease in FPS. Is this a known issue? Will Pimax will improve in future?
  3. I am very interested in an ‘official’ rigid head strap. I am not a kickstarter backer. Do we know when head straps will be available to order?

Chinese translation. I hope I am not being rude. :slight_smile:

  1. “黑色”和“蓝色”模型之间的工匠视场似乎不一致。我自己的部门正在通过hmdq报告131 hFOV。不一致只是早期的固件/软件问题,还是实际的硬件差异? hFOV会达到广告的140度吗?
  2. PiTool 260似乎存在无法使用100%GPU的问题,这会导致FPS降低。这是一个已知的问题? Pimax将来会改善吗?
  3. 我对“官方的”刚性头带非常感兴趣。我不是kickstarter的支持者。我们知道何时可以订购头带吗?

Only one question:
Have you abandoned the project to put your source code in open source or it is still relevant ?



Do you think that Pimax support suffers from a language barrier?
Do you think that Pimax customer support is adequate?

Do you claim you have honored your commitments to your Kickstarter 2017 backers?
Do you believe you have honored your commitments to your 2018 and 2019 pre-order customers?

What would you say to somebody who is determined to never order another Pimax product?

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