Oh no! Is my 8KX unsavable?

Hi, guys and gals.

I just got an 8KX three days ago and it worked out of the box. I decided to do a clean install of windows 10 because I had a Reverb G2 before that and didn’t want any potential conflicts/performance issues.

That’s the dumbest decision in a long time. I connect the cables after a fresh install but then it says that my USB and DP cable is not connected even though it is. I’ve tried so many different things and I think it comes down to my headset being bricked. I managed to get the headset in the red, green and blue blinking mode and thought I would be able to flash this using the method I found.

So, I tried to flash using this guide: Failure Upgrade (blinking led) : Pimax Support

I also followed Swevivers guide on YouTube and got the same error:

Are there any Einstein heads on here capable of pointing me in the right direction? I would be so grateful that words won’t even do it justice! I’m willing to give a little reward to whoever points me in the right direction so I can probably fix this :innocent:

With a fresh reinstall. Run Diagnose in the help tab as you may have missing install components.

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Thanks for the reply, Heliosurge! Most appreciated :blush:

This is how my Diagnose tab looks like:

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Your diagnose tab looks good from what I can see.

Have you tried different dp and usb combinations? I know mine is at times picky.

I would recommend submitting a support ticket as they can schedule a remote session if needed.

What is your system specs? Pitool version and fw version if you remember. Did it upgrade firmware after a reinstall?

Also check bios and device manager if you also have igpu as it might be active and may need to be disabled.

Depending in Windows security level you may want to try right clicking pitool icon and run aa admin.

Do you know the pitool error code?

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Thanks again for taking the time to give me advice! Very appreciated and glad that we have a community where people care :blush:

My system specs:
Palit GeForce RTX 3090 GamingPro
Intel Core i9-10850K
HyperX Fury RGB DDR4 3200MHz 32GB
WD Blue SN550 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD x 2
ASUS ROG Strix 850, 850W PSU

Pitool version is V1.0.1.277
Fimware version? That’s the tricky part! I just plugged it in and can’t remember anything updating although it might have done so…

I just checked in my bios and iGPU is set to disabled. I opened a ticket today and I wrote that I can do remote control access as well.

I love the headset and I just want to get back to playing! Such a shame that this happened but I am not giving up just yet because I really see the potential in this headset. Came from a G2 headset and there is no going back after experiencing this FOV now :innocent:


If your 8kX only had 90hz available then should be a 2001 FW as the revised until recently only supported 90hz. There is a new test firmware.

Otherwise going by pitool version you might have had 299 if the older 8kX model that supported multuple refresh rate at native snd an upscale mode of 110hz?

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But did you find the “STM Device in DFU Mode” or “Guillemot STM DFU Device” in device manager ?
Maybe it’s still recognized as Guillemot device so the DfuSeCommand failed?



You may first try to tips provided from the community.What’s your FW, 2001 FW or 299FW.
If it doesn’t resolve the issue, we suggest you to log a ticket at our helpdesk.
Our technician is ready to provide assistance to you.



Hi, everybody! Thank you for all your efforts. It is truly appreciated :slight_smile:

Irving from the Pimax Tech Team fixed the issue over TeamViewer. He was truly a gentleman and I cannot thank him enough. I hope he is able to assist many more as swiftly as he did with me :blush:


New Pimax user here, own G2 and previously all Oculus releases. Please tell us all what was the exact problem and how it was fixed ? I am waiting for delivery of my new 8KX DMAS hmd and while waiting, learning whatever I can about the intricacies of Pimax hardware & software. I guess my headset will have been recently manufactured so what Firmware is likely on it and what version Pitool should I download ? Thanks


Welcome to the OpenMR where you can share and get everything about VR.
The Pitool 278 & FW should be#2001

Thanks for your reply and information. I did not see a Pitool 278 but a version 277 or beta version 279.

I read that the version 279 can add extra refresh rates of 60hz and 75hz plus upscaling to 100?hz ? Is that ok for a new 8KX DMAS ?

I am finding it confusing and worried that the firmware update download can fail after reading many user stories on this forum and reddit pimax forum. Seems that it is random whether the update works ir not and is stable plus there is no option to deny the firmware upgrade, which is very strange actually !