Old orders list

Did anyone also got the issue to login on the Pimax website with the new layout.
I wanted to check my old orders from before oct 9 2019, but i can’t login. There is no login option. Also login to the store.pimax.com doesn’t work, but it never worked before for me.
Did I miss something, couldn’t find a thread about this change.

Had this problem, too. But that was a while back. When did you log in last and when did you order? Still, their managing of orders is confusing to admit, my upgrade order wase just merged with my KS pledge at some point almost doubling the invoice - i really hope they don’t issue the proforma/sales invoice like that as it would inflict double import tax which I would refuse to pay for obvious reasons.

if you were a backer, have youtried https://backer.pimaxvr.com/?

I could login on September with the old login.
Order was from December 2018, but it is the order about the pimax controllers, which I prefer.
Unfortunately I’m only a pre-orderer ^^", so I can’t use the backer login.