Older Pitool Version's links broken

Where can I download the october release of the Pitool?. Links for older versions are dead Older Pitool Versions

Later beta versions stutter. Latest alpha, that fixes stutter is crashing. Pi_server.exe crash dump. Pitool v1.0.1.254

There.is a topic in Pitool Discussion.

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I was looking for older ones. July/October. G Drive ones are newer and the links can be found under the release tag.

Which one are you looking for?


197 has been added to the links in the topic I linked.

can you please add 121 as well or anything else which had brightness backlight setting, I guess it’s not not working as it was firmware feature? But I wanted to test it, also is it possible to upload an older firmaware to the HMD just to test how backlight brightness affected the screen? @Heliosurge

Pitool 144 has the panel backlight setting

You can reflash older firmware by running dfu.exe in the pitool directory. If for example you install pitool 144 the firmware it released with is in pitool\dfudriver. Filename is p2.dfu.

thank you very much, yep I got the dfu to work but I didn’t realize that p2.dfu in pitool folder is actually older one & is not that from cloud source.

excited to check the backlight setting!

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The cloud firmware download is something more new. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

unfortunately it didn’t work for me, I hard couple of issues but figured them on my own (my pi service constantly polled device & in DFU mode it got disconnected every 10 secs)

But the problem is with oldedr firmware after successfull flashing device enters white-pink color & pitool can’t see it, also windows replies the usb device is unknown.

However flashing back more recent FW it works with newer pitools good, old 144 pitool has wrong view & backlight brightess changing doesn’t affect display (it reboots but as FW isn’t the right one seems it stays at the same level)

I have Pimax 5k+ SN204XXXX, so I assume it was ok for old versions, will try some other pitools though, I guess since 144 BB was deleted @Heliosurge?

Also can I find somewherer 254 Pitool which crashes but has good performance I found couple but links already were outdated

nvm, I just found it ALPHA - Pitool [Jan 21/2020] thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Here is a link for a variety of pitools