OMR Updates January 2021

January 12, 2021

Quick OMR Update

Added some new features to help with forum Navigation.

One that is implemented on all themes is a custom tab. See pic below. (Star Tab)

  1. Forum Appearance - Quick link to Preferences\Interface
  2. Muted Topics - Link to Topics you Muted.
  3. Table of Content Wiki - Link to @Davebobman Wiki on useful link for Pimax & More.

This section is a custom place where I can add links of Interest.

There is now also a more robust Bookmark system in place that has it’s own tab(been there for awhile now).

Davebobman has also started guides for new users to the forum in #OMR-ANOUNCE:site-map

Users wanting to test some other new features that are a WIP switch to Dark test Theme.

In the Above Pic you see a new header menu.

  1. Category Dropdown

Has main useful categories. May add more. However would like to discuss some details with @SweViver and get user feedback.

Regular Category menu is still available in this theme.

  1. More Dropdown

Only has 2 links atm. Privacy and Terms of Service. The plan is also to add a site feedback link that will initiate a group pm/dm to omr staff. A link for PimaxVR Support main site for creating tickets and likely a couple of other useful items.

Addition New testing Feature (Currently only Desktop)

You may notice … Under a word/abbreviation

If on desktop I believe if you hover over with mouse pointer you should see an expanded info.

Ie SMAS - Standard Audio Strap

Please test and give feedback.

More improvements to come!


January 18, 2021

New Category Added:

  1. Guide Repository

Has been added to Table Content Wiki.

  • Can be found in your Right Profile Pic Menu under the :star:(Star) Tab

This new Category is Readonly. Only @Guide can create/Edit/Reply Topics. If your interested in becoming a Guide Curator; contact Guide Curator Owners in the above group.

This new Category is a Work in Progress.

Category Header Drop down

  • has had Icons added.