One year RMA process still ongoing, now Pimax tells me they won't replace anymore

short recap of my orignal post (

  • I tried to RMA my OG 5k+ with broken housing. I paid a deposit to keep it until I get the replacement. Pimax sent me 2 broken HMD’s within the last year and I tried to RMA them asap to return my OG 5k+ and get back my deposit. The last one I received has 6 dead pixels but pimax didn’t want to replace it.

After I received the HMD half a year ago I reported the dead pixels immediately and asked for a RMA.
The support did not go ahead and replaced it, but instead told me the dead pixels would look “tiny”.

Since then I tried to get help on the forum and contacted Quorra twice.
I was told three times that the team would take care of the ticket but nothing at all happened !

So I’ve contacted the support again, telling them it’s not acceptable and I still want an RMA.
Here’s the response:

It has been for about a half year since you received the replacement, and your original order has passed the warranty period for a long time. I am really sorry we are unable to offer a replacement again. We really appreciate your understanding. Sorry again for the trouble.

I tried everything I could to get an RMA.

The RMA process of my OG 5k+ is ongoing for over 1 year !!!

Meanwhile I bought an 8xk which also needed replacement for a dead pixel and a damaged front. I got an shipping label now but only after I came here and had to complain again. The post was being set to private by Pimax, which lead a bad taste in my mouth as I was staying friendly in my wording. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Don’t want bad press for your flagship in public ? I didn’t trash talk about pimax on reddit besides everything that happened since the kickstarter campaign but you’re really testing the waters with me here Pimax.

May I quote Robin Weng from around 2 weeks ago:
“Of course, customer satisfaction is our number one priority so above all else we are focusing our efforts with our support, logistics and warehousing teams to ensure our most important resource - our customers - are always taken care of”

@PimaxQuorra @Miracle ticket: #24151

Edit: I’m now in contact with the support and I’m being helped out.


i don’t know why any company would think any dead pixels are OK in 2020. It’s frustrating to keep hearing these stories :frowning:


Stories like this need to be shared widely. It is the only way they might decide to improve.

Also someone should make a post documenting ALL the lies and insanely bad practices of Pimax.

I am near the point where I want to see them fail because I think companies who treat their customers like this should not be successful.


Making topics or reactions private, is something i am well familliar with. Wish you good luck. I am awaiting the backer box and after a refund for the controllers, i am finally done. Very done, actually. Then it’s bye-bye time :face_vomiting:

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In a VR headset for sure. Dead pixels are definitely not okay. Though TV and Monitors still have this annoyance.

However this case above goes to one of my concerns. With only a 1 year warranty and often it taking too much time to resolve. One may get not much up time using. And worst if you receive a defective headset just before or just after warranty ends. Are you going to be stuck not receiving a replacement?


The best practise is to work on ensuring these kinds of issues are exceptionally rare. I have elevated this issue where I am able. However it will be measured on how they fix this situation and if they improve.

I will say much of there issues are due to rapid growth without the experience and resources to do so properly. All this creates just more problems with there inexperienced team.

Do I think they can still make it? Sure but they need to act quickly and ensure they are indeed visibly improving.

Like no more Pre orders if they cannot ensure FiFO. Those whom order first receive first.

Quality Customer service with no unneeded headaches getting things complete. Whether a warranty RMA or Refund.

However I am also tired.


Normally you’d expect a freeze on the expiry as soon as you’ve initiated the warranty process and until it’s resolved.

I don’t know about everywhere else but here (if i remember the details correct) a replacement unit is covered by a new warranty and for a repaired unit the repair work and any replacement parts are covered under a new warranty as well.

Which isn’t really relevant since we’ve shopped in China.


I agree a freeze at least should occur ie if a claim takes 4 weeks to resolve 4 weeks minimally added to warranty.

As for the part quoted above this hasn’t been common but some companies do indeed do things like that.

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Well, dear Heliosurge, I understand if YOU are tired. The time and energy you’ve been pouring over this forum for all these years is almost unfathomable. You’re the fu*king man, man! The glue, the force or whatever that’ve held this forum in decent balance through all the storms. So composed and so positive. I’m really impressed of what you’ve done here. Godammit, Thank You! I’ve always appreciated you but for some stupid reason never said anything.

The utmost respect and well wishes to all the aspects of your life. /Staffan


Add more fuel to the Pimax Pyre.

I absolutely totally agree with that. This man needs the Nobel Prize for Peace :v:
Helio had channeled my anger many times into keeping going on here :100:

And i am happy to let him know time and time again.

Pimax should acknowledge that. Not only the positive side of things, but also things that were not fair, to say the least, or could be done and handled differently. In my eyes his work and suggestions are being ignored by them.