Only Linus and Marques has hands/videos on 3090 so far?

And no benchmarks from either of them?


Pure Nvidia marketing.


Now I’m start worrying if 3090 fit into my case.


Open side cases will become a thing

I plan on getting a Lian Li Lancool Mesh case and am worried a 3090 wont fit, those things are just ridiculous.

its 313 mm size, just get a case that supports that

Everything including NVIDIA shows that the 3090 is only 10 to 15% faster than the 3080 in games.

I tried to order the 3090 today and needless to say that was a total disaster…And No, I didn’t get one.

I had it in the cart a couple of times, but could not checkout…Nuts.

I’m so happy I kept my 2080Ti, that is the only saving grace at this point.

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