ASOBO won’t fix the FPS and culling issues for Pimax headsets because they say Pimax doesn’t support openXR.
Condor 2 (a great glider sim) does not support OpenVR but is working on a new OpenXR version that will work with steam.
SO… what is the issue with Pimax? Is it possible to make an OpenXR version of Pitools? FS2020 is kind of a big deal for me, and probably for lots of other Pimax users too. I’d really like to see Pimax and Asobo get this sorted out.


It seems likely that Pimax will transition to OpenXR, since SteamVR is moving to OpenXR.


the issue with pimax (xtal and starVR also) is, that objects outside of 120degree FOV are not inserted correctly from FS2020. Has nothing to do with Open XR.
Otherwise we would have a double picture without PP, as in other games.

Maybe Asobo doesn’t care. because it is not a brand of MS WMR.
After all, the FS is the wmr flagship product.
Without FS would WMR maybe having died yet.


Right, it’s just an excuse.

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I hope they to do it soon. Maybe the fix for Msfs is not so far away. We really need it.
Another fix it could be to stick two straps on the outer part of the lenses (for desperate people).

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Or you could use Small FOV. That makes the popping less noticeable.

Pimax has already reached out to ASOBO and they completely blew them off so we’re stuck right now with ASOBO saying it’s up to Pimax and Pimax saying it’s up to ASOBO whith zero communication going on between them.

Don’t expect a fix any time soon…

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I am afraid that OpenVR (SteamVR) is going nowhere.